Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Back To December

Hello December, we meet again.

I really like December for many reasons. December has always this indescribale sentimental feeling.

Sentimental feeling arises because it's the final month of the year.  If it was a good year, I would find it hard to let the year passed. If it wasn't, I couldn't wait the year to pass. In fact, 2015 isn't a good year for me, I could no longer wait for 2016 to come. A brand new year, a brand new beginning, as they say.

I guess the most valid reason for this sentimental feeling in December is because of Christmas. Yes, I like Christmas. It's so heartwarming to see Christmas trees along with evergreen Christmas carols to illustrate the joy of this festive season.

For me, Christmas is even more romantic than Valentine. It will be just perfect to spend the Christmas Eve with the one that you truly treasure and love.

Unfortunately, I broke up few months ago, so I don't have any special one to celebrate with. My bud always tease me that I shall celebrate alone by playing Eason Chan's Lonely Lonely Christmas.

Anyhow, I don't feel like celebrate it. Maybe I'm getting old and I come to realization that my life will be forever alone. And yes, forever alone for my Christmas, forever alone for my New Year and forever alone for my birthday. It's okay.

But since it's Christmas that we're talking about and we have to speak only the truth for Christmas, deep down in my heart, I have a wish for this Christmas. It's just a wish which I doubt will come true no matter how good boy I have been throughout this year. No need for me to ask because I know the answer will always be 'no'. Why should I drive myself for rejection over and over again right?

For what I know that my existence has long vanished in his life. Oh well, life goes on.

Since it's Christmas, let's play a Christmas song - Christmas should be joyful, alright!

"The greatest gift that there could be, wrapped underneath my Christmas tree. Would be the same, my whole life through. I'd spend the perfect Christmas with you. And though the winter seems so long, my faith in love has kept me strong. So if I had one wish come true, I'd spend the perfect Christmas with you".

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