Sunday, November 29, 2015

You Already Know My Heart

So do you like the conclusion of The Hunger Games?

If you still haven't watched Mockingjay Part 2, please lower your expectation since the final chapter was not that great. Why?

Finnick died. Come on, he was too cute and precious to die :(

But the great disappointment was the ending part. The movie didn't end with a bang. It ended abruptly. It didn't show how President Snow was caught (Haymitch just narrated out).

Nevertheless, the entire Hunger Games series concluded with a happy ending - Katniss and Peeta were finally together. I was very happy to see them together. Look, Peeta had always been there for Katniss though h Katniss was attached to Gale. We all knew that Peeta had feelings for Katniss but he could not be a jerk to break Katniss and Gale up.

So he just moved on and watched over Katniss in a pretext of a friend.

Wasn't that sweet or what?

Seriously, it would be a great blessing if someone like Peeta exists in my life. Then again, I'm not that lucky to have a guy like him. Or maybe I'm too blind to notice one.

If you're someone like Peeta in my life and so happen you are reading this blog, I'm sorry for being oblivious. Maybe I never took the time to realize it. But i doubt there will be such person in my life who look after me or even love me without my realization.

On contrary, if I were in Peeta's shoes, definitely I would be emo everyday. I foresee the pain would be excruciating since I'm watching the person that I really love to love other. Hope will become hopelessness. Hope will turn to disappointment and despair.

There is nothing you could do about it except wishing both of them well. Catch him when he falls apart.

Love guru says if you really love a person, let him go. Let him choose the one who he really loves. There is nothing more beautiful to see him smile. To see him lead a happy life with his partner. Even you're a losing party but his happiness is all that matter, isn't it?

I have to concede here. I have to concede that luck and fate never favour me. Yeah, I may meet someone that I really really really really really love but I know it will not happen.

If I were Peeta, I would tell Katniss that the waiting is painful.

Ever since you left, my life is empty as the skies. There is no reason for me to not to have you in my mind for a split second. I miss you every single day.

It's so hard for me to pretend to be friends with you. Every time I look at you, all I see is everything I want to have.

I know it is very inappropriate of me to harbour slightest feeling for you but I can't help it. I know it is stupid and useless to have feeling for you but the feeling is very strong. Though I could not be with you and I believe he takes good care of you but I hope you know that I'll always be there for you. I hope you know that you always take precedence in my life even though I exist in transparent in your life.

I have fallen in and out with so many people throughout my life. Fallen in because of looks or just mere infatuation. Fallen out because incompatibility and they could not be half as good as you. And most of all, like what Katniss said "choose the one that you can't live without" and that is why I chose you.

Alright. I guess I should stop here before I go deeper. No need to guess because it's all hypothetical.

If you were Katniss in my life and you're reading this entry, I have a song for you...

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