Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rhythm of the Rain

It's really nice to see the blue sky has returned.

Though we regain the clear blue sky once again but monsoon season has just started. So folks, prepare your umbrella. 

Though it's wet and most of the time we stuck in the jam during and after heavy downpour but I do like the rhythm of the falling rain. Somehow it gives me peace of mind and it just set my world to be sentimental.

Oh well, when you are little sentimental, naturally, you would prefer someone to be beside you. Not me though, i think. It has been close to two months ever since I broke up and this singlehood kinda life works fine for me at the moment.

So my close friends has been asking me when I'm gonna find my another half. Like I said, not anytime soon as I really really wanna rest from this love sick thingy. Moreover, I believe it will take a very long long time before i commit into another relationship.

I really want to make sure the next one will be the last for me. To be honest with you, it's really consuming to fall in and out all the time. So why not seize this opportunity of being singlehood to do some soul searching and to know what you really want. There are many fishes in the sea, spend some time to catch the one that you want to spend rest of the life with.

But I'm kinda worry also since I'm in this superficial of gay circle. Look and physique come first which I don't have. So I'm like a loner in the corner. Let's make a hypothesis here, what if i have the diabolical good look and sizzling body? Definitely, I'll be swarmed by the bees and I believe in that situation, I would have a lot of potentials. But then again, who will be true enough? What if my remarkable physical attributes are gone? Will those gay folks still be interested with me? I doubt so.

Moving along, I used to have my Mr Perfect. Once you've tasted the perfection, you would long for that very perfection again. Oh well, someone set the bar so high I doubt anyone could reach it. Furthermore, it came from someone's heart, it could never be replaceable.

I know it sounds pathetic but I could never have that perfection. No fate or not lucky enough or maybe I'm just not good enough - you just move along with time when you realise there will be no perfection again.

It's already late, let's end here. Let's play a lullaby. Like the song goes...have i found you? Flightless bird....jealous...weeping...or lost you...zzz

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