Thursday, October 29, 2015

Our Times

It is very rare of me to walk into cinema and watch a Taiwanese movie. First, I'm not good in Mandarin - though the movies have subtitle but some of the Chinese sayings could not really be translated in English.  Second, I have doubts in Chinese movies (please don't judge). To be honest, I only watched like less than ten Taiwanese movies in my lifetime.

However, after persuasion from my colleague and all positive reviews in Facebook, so I broke my belief and watched 'Our Times' 我的少女時代.

And my gosh, it was that nice that I wouldn't mind to watch for second time. I don't want to be a spoiler here so I won't write any plot here. You have to watch it on your own.

It was really a tearjerking movie as sobbing sound filled the air. Even I also couldn't hold back my tears. There were many reasons for the tears - it really warmed my heart and I felt very sorry for her.

I guess the most painful experience that she endured was 'so close but yet so far' situation. You loved that person and you knew the person loved you too. But somehow, neither of you would like to take the first move to confess and make an affirmation. You would think it was okay to have this friendzone as you afraid that you would frighten him if you confessed. You afraid to lose him. You would lie to yourself that you enjoyed the moments with him as a friend but the heart could hardly hold back the feelings. 

The urge to hug him and the urge to tell him how much he meant for you would just remained in your heart. The silence between both of you was just disguise - the beating of two hearts between both of you would explain it all of what was really going on.

You would give the utmost concern to this 'friend' of yours. You would make sure that he was alright. You would be stalker-stalking his Facebook almost everyday just to know how his day was. 

I guess all the beautiful moments in this world have its ending. One of you would be parted from this 'friendzone' and he went for someone else. You wished him well with all sincerity but your world had literally crushed. You moved on eventually as time could heal it all. As you moved on, you would carry this regret with you - regretting didn't tell him at the first place.

Oh well, the movie concluded beautifully. Happy ending in movies doesn't really reflect the actuality. Love and relationship would end up in a mess for most of us. Alright, don't want to be a downer here. I wish myself and you who are reading this entry, would have the same happy ending like Lin Zhen Xin. 

Don't feel despair if this friendzone didn't turn to relationship. At least you had little luck to have those sweet moments. Perhaps, the other person is luckier than you...

P/S: It's not.

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