Tuesday, October 13, 2015

By Your Side

You know it's quite depressing that you acted strong in front of people but in fact, you're not. People will have this perception  that you are that strong so you would overcome and endure whatever adversities you are facing.

So when the strongest person is in need of someone to confide in or even just want some company, it's very hard to come by. Because people would assume that the strongest person could face it alone.

In scale of 0 to 10 - how would rate my strength?

I'm not referring to physical strength but emotionally. 10? 5?

I could not judge but I believe I'm somewhat strong. However, unfortunate events keep happening in my life recently. I lost my grandparents this year and I even ended relationship not long ago. How could the strongest person on this earth to bear this?

In case you fail to notice, in case you fail to see - I'm tired and lonely sometimes. I know being alone doesn't mean being lonely. I can be alone most of the time and I believe that I'm quite independent to do things on my own but you know sometimes I just want a company.

Maybe we've grown up and parted separate ways. I still could recall that I used to have many friends that who truly cared about me. Maybe they're all attached so yeah, quality time should be spent with the loved one. Okay understood but not to the extend of negligence right. (Exception to T, E and M who have been there for me)

Talking about my circle friends, I wonder do I have any BFFs left.  I still could recall that my BFF would be one call away whenever I need him. I still could recall that my BFF would take me out to eat or drink whenever I craved for something. Oh well, grow up, Alvin.

I guess I should start a reality series in finding my next bff. I wish could be Taylor Swift sometimes. She's beautiful, a whore, talented and she is surrounded my a group of BFFs.

I'm well-aware that it must be pain in the ass for being my friend, what's more being BFF - even worse for being my partner. Demanding, mood swing, super choosy in food and the list goes on.

Oh well, it's rather late and it's time to hit the hay.  I guess this song will be suitable to end this entry.

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