Friday, October 9, 2015

Need A Love To Last Forever

It has been three weeks since we broke up and this transition period is rather smooth actually.

To my surprise, I'm not that emo. If i termed this end of relationship thingy -as 'emancipation' or 'liberalisation', it really implies that my ex partner was such a terrible lover to be with. Nah, he's a nice guy but things couldn't work between us, so breaking up is the most ideal solution for both us.

Alright, I'm single now, what's next?

To get a rebound. Seriously, I would never do that. It's such a time wasting and hurtful for others. Beside, who am I to get a rebound? I don't have any plus points for my physical attributes.

Moving forward, I really should restructure my life since it had been a huge mess. I really should put all my efforts and attention to fix any shortcomings on every aspect of my life. I've no idea how long it takes but someday which it's very soon I'll be on my feet again.

But talking about love, you know, this isn't the first time this has happened to me. This love sick thing. A boy like me doesn't stay single for long. Cause every time a boyfriend and I break up, my world is crushed and I'm all alone. The love bug crawls right back up and I'll be back.

Sounds like a diva right?

But honestly, with all humility, if I'm that lucky to have the next love, I hope it would be the everlasting one. I ain't young anymore and I believe it's about time that I need to settle down. Not only me, I guess my friends and ex-classmates would be dying to attend the very first gay wedding right? 

But seriously, I have no clues to find my Mr. Right. I did trust my guts once but that fella just vanished in the haze. So guts is not the clue. What else? Looks and physically fits into 'my type'? Never work - you see, there's no point if you own a nice packaging but the content is faulty.

Like my bud said, don't play with people's feelings. Spend sometime to soul searching on what you really want in a relationship. And the best thing in love is that it will come to you when you least expected.

So  I really don't expect too much nor expect to have a new relationship in near future. But if that one fine day really comes, I hope he can pick me up from the airport hahaha. Joking but sometimes I really wish that I would have someone at the arrival hall just to receive me.

Anyway, just a piece of advise before I end my entry, feelings could be misleading sometimes. What you need is assurance. Assurance comes when you realize that you could rely upon that very person who walks next to you. Even if you have the toughest moment in your life, the simple sentence of 'everything will be alright' could be so assuring from him.

Maybe you had that very person in your life but for some reasons you are not with him. Wish him well. Move on. No points to hold back the memories. I know sometimes it's irreplaceable but you've got to move on. Either it will lead you to find a better person or that very someone will go back to you after all.

The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you , no matter how far they've wandered. If you really love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. If not, it wasn't meant to be.

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