Tuesday, November 17, 2015


We reminisce the one that got away in You Are The Apple Of My Eyes 那些年,我們一起追的女孩.
We have waited for someone in Cafe Waiting Love 等一個人咖啡.
We keep our silence for love in Our Times 我的少女時代.

I'm glad that I had the mentioned three experiences, I guess you can call me love guru now.

But seriously, among the three experiences, the most joyful one will be the third one 'keep our silence for love' or mandarin we called 'ai mei' (hope I pin yin the right way). The guessing game could be fun sometimes -guess whether he really loved me or he just treated me good on the basis of a friend. Through this guessing game, you spent most your quality with him and you loved every second of it. 

Through this guessing game, you have spent the good and bad times with him. You felt that you were very important in his life and so did he in your life. The moment you walked with him, you would slow down a pace or two so you could see him walk in front of you. Just to have moment to tell yourself how lucky you were that you had him though both of you were not lovers.

You loved him very very much but the silence eventually shunned him away. He felt that he was wasting your time. He assumed that you did not have the courage to start a relationship. He felt that you deserved better.

So what happened next?

He became the one that got away. Nothing much to say about this situation since despair and still of emptiness filled the day.

Either  you give up and move on or you move on but you don't give up.

So yesterday I watched Cafe Waiting Love. It was a nice movie but I still prefer Our Times among the three. The movie is about waiting for the one you love.

Let me ask you this, aren't we are waiting for someone?

Waiting ain't easy. It could be painful sometimes. Painful because you have no idea when he will appear  - maybe it takes years for him to appear. The more you guess, the more it will consume you. I know it sounds desperate but come on, be honest, everyone here is hoping to find a lover, a soulmate.

What if you had waited the person but  he chose someone else instead?


First thing to do is emo, emo as hard as you could. Then move on. I know someone of us will choose to wait. It's not advisable because youth never come twice and waiting for someone is very painful plus you don't want to be a bitch and hoping they will break up right? Even they break up, there is no guarantee that he will choose you, duh.

Alright, I know good things come to those who wait. Well, it's entirely up to you. You might have waited in vain if he didn't choose you eventually. But it would be nice  if that the person you waited for come to realization that you waited for him and your love for him never dies. This is true story though, my friend who waited for this guy for five years and I'm so happy that I will be attending their wedding next year.

For me, nah, love is not for me at the moment. So wait for awhile, i guess. I believe good things come to those who wait. One fine day, he will appear in the blue and once he appears, my feelings for him will be certain and for sure. But don't wait too long as you may miss the other chances.

It's late, let's hit the sack alright? Here's a song for those who are waiting for someone. Be clear of what you are doing. And most of all, be strong.You will find the waiting is worthy if you are certain that person is the one for you.

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