Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pop Culture = Shallow

Before anything else, let's watch the video below:

Don't you love the other true side of Lady Gaga. Not a big fan of her though I listen to her music but I could really see that she was very exhausted ever since the release of Bad Romance. And my gosh she really lost considerable amount of weight in Born This Way.

And recently, I was glad that she regained her flesh during her duet with Tony Bennettt.

After watching the video, don't you love her even more? It's really to find a superstar to tell the true dark side of the entertainment industry/pop culture.

I could not agree more with Lady Gaga on her statement that pop culture is very shallow. Very shallow indeed. I don't see how pop culture could bring any good for our younger generation. It hardly instil any good values nor does not lead the young ones to the way it supposed to be.

In fact, pop culture dictates the mindset of ours. We see things in the eyes of pop culture rather than what we see from ourselves. This what pop culture wants to do on us- set a culture for us to follow - from fashion, food, beauty and the list goes on. They, as in capitalists,  want us to follow their culture so they could reap our money off.

The pop culture has been seeping in not only our mindset but our bodies as well. The way we look and the physique we should reach and maintain, as if our bodies define who we are. We have become more superficial indeed. We are more than walking bodies. I think we need to change our way of thinking-like what Lady Gaga said,  we have more to offer instead of our bodies.

Okay, let's focus on entertainment industry. They are few things I don't quite understand. What's up with the Kardashians? Seriously, every morning I hear Kardashians this and that. I don't know why we give so much attention to them. We are not even related to them, for God's sake. Don't you think Kris Jenner is like a pimp and selling her daughters off?

Secondly, Taylor Swift. I used to adore her when she was still country. But ever since she turned to pop, she is sick. Don't you think she is bit hypocrite? Apparently, she cried and ate in-n-out after she lost Grammy for Best Album (which went to Daft Punk). Look bitch, music is not about winning awards, it's all about art and expression. And come on, you won Best Album before and Daft Punk really made good music. You lose sometimes, you win sometimes. Don't be a cry baby.

And more thing, it's like a betting game on how long her relationship will last. Alright, an ordinary girl who keeps changing her boyfriends is named 'whore'. For Taylor Swift, it's okay because she is Taylor Swift. Keep changing boyfriend doesn't make her as a whore too?

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