Thursday, December 24, 2015

Soon It Will Be Christmas Day

I believe you have watched Steve Harvey's Miss Universe announcement blunder. Damage is done and Ms. Philippines has been crowned as Miss Universe. Life goes on.

But come to think of it, instead of blaming Harvey, i believe he deserves some credits. Look, he took the blame, he took the responsibility and he apologized wholeheartedly. His embarrassment was already immeasurable unless there was a conspiracy behind. Apparently, the conspiracy theorists alleged whole thing was staged to boost the falling ratings of Miss Universe. If it were, they did a great job.

Okay, we paid too much attention to Steve Harvey, Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines. But there was someone who we might fail to notice; Miss Bulgaria. If you didn't notice, Miss Bulgaria was the one who encouraged Miss Philippines to go to centre stage and take the crown. See the picture below:

Yes, we need a Miss Bulgaria in our lives. In fact, I'm blessed that I have few 'Miss Bulgaria' in my life. You see, after I broke with my ex few months back, I entered in this ambiguous stage. I knew that the right thing I should do was to step out of it before going deeper. Thanks to my Miss Bulgaria who kept pushing me out from the deep hole. That's why I love them so much. 

And yay, I'm all enlightened now, it's all good now. You may call me silly but while I was walking to carpark from my client's office, it was a long walk and BJ Thomas's Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head kept playing in my head. Can you see the extensiveness of the enlightenment?! Come, all together now: 

The rain drops keep falling on my head. But it doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red. Crying's not for me coz I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining because I'm free...nothing's worrying me....

Yeah sounds so happy but later on I will be emo since I'm dateless on Christmas Eve. I guess I have to deal with it. 

Though Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are both equally important occasion for me but it's okay to be alone right? I guess there is no need to beg for a companion on Christmas Eve.

Actually, I kinda wish to celebrate with him, at least to have him as my company on Christmas Eve but nah, fate doesn't allow me to do so. It's okay. I believe I deserve better as I believe that myself is ain't that bad and I've been a good boy ever since I was born.

Meanwhile for Christmas Day, I know who I want to celebrate with. The person deserves nothing but my love. See you on Christmas Day.

Since it's Christmas Eve, as the rightful owner of this blog, I would like to wish you a very merry Christmas. Have a joyful one.

Let's end this entry with one of my favourite Christmas carol; Sleigh Ride. This is the Disney version, which I watched for the very first time at the tender age of three. My mom bought me a set of VHS of Disney Very Merry Christmas back then.

Look! Mickey Mouse is everywhere in the video, even Mickey Mouse Junior. Talking about Mickey Mouse....

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