Sunday, December 20, 2015

So This Bitch...

So lately I've been catching with my close friends. It was really great to see them again though they would give critical comment on my outlook.

You see, friends come and go. Only true ones will stay.

Nevertheless, you still remember those high school days or even college days when you have tonnes of friends to hang out? But as we grow older, our friends will gradually distance from us. Too busy with work, too attached, settled down or just plain lazy are just few of the reasons given. But I'm pretty sure that our friendship will survive though we are not close as used to be.

I'm proud of my friends actually. They are smart, living thier lives literally, they are doing the things that they really love at least. And my gay friends doesn't like to reveal their body in social media and they dress decently. I know it's not my body and why I need to care so much on what they do with thier body.

You see, I just don't want shrimps around me. Shrimp, aside from edible seafood, it's also a term that I like to use to refer those gay guys who have body but don't have the brain. Look you only eat the body of the shrimp but not the head right? Trust me, if there's a game show entitled "Who is smarter than gay hunks", I guess those gay hunks will lose big. Basically, most of them are bimbo.

Talking about bimbo, my acquitance's nude pictures had been leaked out in Tumblr. Apparently, he took nude pictures for his e-book in the name of modelling and photography. Unfortunately, one of his buyer posted his nude pictures in Tumblr and the rest is history. So now everyone can see his cock.

How I know? He has been lamenting in Facebook that his nude pictures has been leaked out in Tumblr over, over again. He even screenshot his nude pictures in Tumblr and posted in Facebook. That's how I know. I guess I would not be alone to log on to Tumblr instantly to see his nude pictures. Seriously, if you have to bear the responsibility and face the risk if you want to do nude photography right? Furthermore, why need to shout to the whole world that your nude pictures have been leaked. You are just inviting more and more people to see your cock silly. Unless, you want attention then it will be different story.

Aside from bimbo, I don't like my friend to brag. It's okay to brag but don't brag those things in your fantasy and never exist. I don't like my friends to pretend that they are listening to me while they are literally playing with Jack' D or Grindr. I'm physically in front of you but why pay so much attention to those galore of gay virtually?

Okay okay, too much negativity here. I like my friends to bitch others. Joking. I don't make preferances to forge a friendship nor I have any prerequiste to be my friends. But I like to be comfortable with my friends. For those who I comfortable to confide in, you guys are great. Proud to be your bitch.

Sorry for writing too long coz my hair takes long time to dry. Alright, it's late. Good night.

P/S: I watched Star Wars: Force Awaken and Han Solo died. SPOILER!!!! Since it's Star Wars craze currently, why not end  my entry with its signature theme:

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