Monday, September 17, 2012

One year on, i'm so moving on

One year ago on 9/11, I received a call and it goes like this:

“Alvin, I think I can’t go on anymore. I have lost all the feelings on you. I’m tired. Why not we just called it off?”

And there is the end of my relationship exactly a year ago.

My ex is genius right? Dumping me on September 11, so I won’t be alone as I could share the sadness with the people around the world to mourn for the 9/11 attacks on America.

The break up, honestly, it was very sudden for me because months before that we went to Penang together and we had great time there. Never knew, he ditched me just like that thereafter.

Though it was like end of the world in the first few weeks after the break up, but the cloud of sorrow was rapidly subsided – maybe because I’m tough person, or maybe because someone brought smile back to my face.

Anyway, a month after I broke up, it was life as usual for me because I know life still goes on.
Surprisingly, my life is whole lot better after the broke up.

Really, I save a lot coz I didn’t even have to travel back to Ipoh and back to KL so religiously. Come to think of it, he should compensate my travelling cost! Not to be calculative but he confessed that he was very tired to meet me everytime I travel back to Ipoh. Hello, after work, I got into my car, braced through the horrible jam and traveled for two hours back to Ipoh just to meet him over the weekend, I’m not tired?

He even confessed that he was seeing someone while we were in the relationship. What a jerk right?

It doesn’t bother me anymore coz I have moved on. Even he comes back to me, I will say no because we will never ever getting back together.

I’m not sure about you but I don’t believe in second chance in relationship. Once a party calls his quit without any hesitation, that’s it, done, no more.

Don’t you feel disgusting to get back to your ex? Really, they are the one who hurt us and left a mess in our lives, why give them a second chance to enter in our life and mess up again?

Nevertheless, don’t get me wrong, we are still friends though he dumped me. I don’t hold any qualms, if I do,it means I still have feel on him.

Strange but true, I could let go the one who ditched me but I still can’t let go the one who picked me up.

Let's end this entry with a dedication to our ex(s)

 I think you're full of shit , I think that life's too short for this. I think I've had enough of this, Blow me on last kiss. 

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