Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Button it up or strip it down?

Aside from facing my baby Macbook daily, the other thing that I encounter daily is shirtless pictures. Shirtless pictures in Facebook and my gosh, shirtless pictures  are every where in Jack D, Grinder and Boyahoy. It’s like virtual sex party there. I guess gay soft porn comes without any price tag.

I know many gay boys/men out there work out in gym to build a nicer body to boost their self confidence and acceptance in the gay community. I know right, gay community is pretty plain shallow circle, everything is perfect when you have perfect body.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not having a bitch feed on those who go to gym – many of my friends go to gym, with the purpose of heighten their strength level and of course to loose some or gain some weight.
But I don’t really understand why once you have the fit body, need to reveal the asset to the whole world? – Be it in Facebook or those gay apps

You can call me conservative but aren’t those bodies are something rather personal and should be kept for your lover or those one night stand partner?

Indeed, they are downgrading this gay community into something cheap, indecent and selling off the body just to gain attention. Maybe that’s why until now I’m still single coz I never reveal my body. I think I should take off my shirt more often and let people see. Maybe I can be hooked up easily by then.

Come on, revealing your body to attract people is nothing much different compared to the hookers on the street. 

Is the gay community that shallow until need to strip it off to gain self-confidence and acceptance and attract people?

I don’t hope so. 

I should not complain so much because thanks to them, i have my daily feed on the soft porn.
Before I end this entry, though it may sound bitchy but I have this warning from BoyAhoy regularly without flashing my skin.

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