Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happiness doesn’t last

Happiness doesn’t last, does it?
Happiness will happen and once it is happening, it will be a great enjoyment.  Once the happiness is over, it will be encapsulated in memories that pleasurable to reminisce but it is also heartrending to learn that happiness now is just memories that never could grasp.
Don’t hold on too tight on those memories as it hardly will recur – at least , be thankful that it happened in your life before.
I do have a lot of those good old memories that made me really happy. My childhood, with my friends, high school and of course my ex(s).
When we flashback those happy memories, we tend to reminisce about our ex-lovers or even people whom you fell in love for.
I do reminisce them all the time. Sometimes I do wonder does my happiness is only in the perimeter of memories. You may call me pathetic but everytime I have those sweet happenings, I will remind myself that it won’t last, it will end someday, so cherish it while it last.
I really do cherish all especially those post break up period last year. Sitting next to him while he was doing his work and I was playing my phone, dinner hook ups , those what’s app-ing…err, I should not write more. Thanks for the memories last year, I never been so happy !  I know I will never have those memories again because that person who concerned me so much is missing ever since 2012. But anyhow, everyone that I know goes away in the end.  That’s the fact.
Sometimes I do wonder those sweet words or promises by your  current lover will be a hurtful memories in the future when you guys break up. What is the barometer to gauge the commitment and the life-span of one’s love and one’s attention? Is the time the biggest enemy in all this?
Well, like the Master Sifu in Kung Fu panda says : “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift”. Don’t  frown too much. I know we will have those moments soon. Find a way to make it without those memories. Don’t hold those broken dreams, just hold on to love just like this song:

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