Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hey Jude, Refrain

It was the most difficult, the most painful but yet the most awakening and the most inspiring weekend over the weekend in my entire life.

With the deepest sadness, my family and I had to bid final farewell to my uncle. Merely two months we mourn the lost of my grandmother, we  had a rude shock that my uncle suddenly left us without any last words.

How would you feel if someone close to you or your family member just gone away forever unexpectedly?
Lost and despair are the most foreseeable feelings ensued. I really do respect my mother as I know she was devastated when she reached the ward and my uncle was no longer there. Despite the grief she had to endure, she managed to be calm and be wide awake to organize the funeral so my uncle has a proper send off. She even managed to organize a post-funeral luncheon for the attendees. I wonder how she could do so many things amidst the painful and grieving period. 

I guess I should learn more from her or at least be inspired by her – to be calm and fix the things no matter how tough the situation is. I’m not sure I’m a calm or maladroit person when facing real-life problems. I can’t judge myself that much but everytime I face problems, I will look it at a bigger picture of the whole situation and see how I can fix up the mess.

I know we have heard a lot of this phrase “Cherish your loved ones before it’s too late”

I used to take the phrase above for granted but I have learnt the meaning of it in the most painful way.
It’s true, sometimes tomorrow never comes for some people or even to yourself, so why frown and hold everything too tight. I know life is meant to be tough and it will leave you with a pool of sorrow – and that’s just the way it is. You either face it with courage or be an emo queen and let the sorrow swallows you whole. 

I know im not qualified enough to tell what you gonna do with your life but I believe God is great and life is short – be thankful of each living day and make each day worth living.

True enough, those love relationship suck big time and definitely will bring you down. Seriously, what I have been through over the weekend, love relationship is a very tiny matter – it doesn’t kill you. 

I know it’s easy to say but hard to work it out especially a love victim like me who always falls for the wrong person who will never love me. Really, my love story is like a series of unfortunate events.

I should not hold on too tight on love sick thing. I believe love comes when it is least expected.
 I think my close friends know that I kinda like a person. To be honest, the person I like is not the same any more. I like the last year version of him, not this current version.

Anyhow, I know life is kinda tough right now and lonely sometimes and filled with broken thoughts, but I know there is always a song will be there for me when the world has turned its back on me:

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