Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bitch please, i've moved on

Last weekend I received a rather unprecedented text message from someone – in fact, it is an apology text message.

After receiving the text message, I felt vindicated somehow – all the angers on him that kept hidden inside of me were just vanished in the haze.

Honestly, I did hold anger and resentment but not to the extend that I wanna take his life.

Let bygones be bygones and thanks for the memories.

Until now, he thinks that I’m still going crazy over him.

Come on, things have changed, you have changed and even I have changed.

I’m not having a bitch feed session here but well, I used to be close with him before, I think I hold a little of prerogative to judge over him here.

Better don’t, later I’ll be labelled as ‘drama queen’ unjustly. Honestly, the one that got away, I mean the old version of him is more caring, happening, polite and fun and geez, I had such a great period of time with him. Compared to now, he is bit arrogant and gosh, he is so serious, even I have to be careful when I wanna poke jokes on him.

Sometimes I do ponder wonder why he has changed but I always remind myself that I don’t own him so it’s not his call to justify himself.

I know the old version of him will be hardly come back and I know the good old times will hardly be repeated but deep down from my bottom of my heart, the old version of him and the good old times are the best I ever had.

So what now?

Emo and waiting for him? Nah, 2012 only left 3 months plus left and it has been pretty bad year so far, I think it’s about time to utilize the remaining days in the year a worth living year. Do whatever I want and live life to fullest – just me,myself and i.

After what I’ve gone through, I don’t hold any resentment on him. I know we are still and we always be good buddy – unless ,one fine day he returns, if he returns, we are truly meant to be.  

For now, bitch please; it doesn’t kill me to make me stronger.

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