Friday, August 24, 2012

Eat well. Stay fit. Die anyway.

“Alvin, did you put on weight? Gosh, look at your tummy!”

Well, I didn’t. What you see is just water retention.

Alright, I admit here that I put on weight a little but it doesn’t mean I’m going to skip my dinner or reduce my intake. Eat is the greatest pleasure after sex, why should I skip my meal?

I really don’t understand people will go to the extreme after people commented that they are fat. Sadly, this is reality especially in gay circle. If you have a slightest fat, you definitely will be shunned away. That’s why the gym centers are earning easy money from gay community and there’s where those sluts meet. 

I wish I could have the initiative to hit the gym but nah, I’m a lazy ass. Rather spend time hanging around or just lock myself in the room. 

What if I hit the gym and train myself to a drop gorgeous sexy body?

I guess I will be a headless hunk. What the hell is the headless hunk?

Those hot guys who post their shirtless pictures without their head in those gay social network like Jack d, Grinder and Boy Ahoy.

I mean seriously, nice body but why so shy to hide their face? Too ugly to reveal to the world?
Okay, back to my weight problem.  Should I really pay attention to it?

Let me be a fat ass and post my fat in Facebook. Really, I do respect some people’s guts who dare to post their big fat ass with just undies on into public sphere. Lick my fat! Lick it! 

How I wish can cut those fats and make it as lard.
Anyway, I know dieting and exercise or even gym is a good for health  but you will die eventually, so why bother?

Until now, the peer pressure still hasn’t’ struck me yet, I mean comparing myself with those hunk with sexy body. I still could accept my body figure but the only thing I can’t accept is my dull and tired face!
Lastly, don’t care about what people say, you’re beautiful. 

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