Friday, April 15, 2016

You Gotta Have A Body

Water guns here, water guns there, water guns everywhere.

If you happen to be gay, it is most likely that your Facebook is flooded with some guys holding water guns somewhere in Thailand. Yes, it is the annual gay pilgrimage again, Songkran festival.

If you ask our Malaysian gay folks,who are in Thailand now, about what the festival is all about, I'm pretty sure they will reply you that don't have any idea or these responses:

  • I just want to have fun with my friends
  • I just want to have fun with random strangers
  • I just want to have fun with random strangers in my hotel room
  • I just want to check out on hot guys
  • I just want the hot guys to check out on me
  • I just want to spray some water because the weather is too hot
  • I just want to spray some water on the hunks so they could take off their shirt
  • I just want the hot hunks to spray on me so I could take off my shirt
  • I just want to get laid tonight

But seriously, if you didn't know, Songkran is the traditional Thailand New Year marked by throwing water. However, this holy festival is marred by many gays who seize the opportunity to be promiscuous ( I will be stoned by saying this lol). It's true, if not, why gay people especially from Malaysia like to go there like annually. There are three places that gays will flock together - gym, a place to have romance and a place to be promiscuous.

Nevertheless, thank you guys in Thailand right now for giving my eyes some pleasure. I believe you guys had a very painful control diet and workout for Songkran.

Looking at the hot bodies in my Facebook, I always wonder what if I have a nice body too, say, something like Zac Efron? 

So my bud teases me that if one day I have a nice body, I should not post my body picture since I have been labelling all the gays who like to post shirtless pictures as fag. Okay, i won't then.

Anyway, If I ever had a sizzling body, my body will be an asset like shining armour. Definitely, I will gain a lot of attention since the superfical gay folks out there are captivated by one's body and not the nature and the intangible values within that one's body. 

Come to think of it, I guess I will be one of the loneliest person in the world if I have a firm and built body. I can't deny that people will pay attention to me and even to be friends with me but they are fake. They just want to be closer to you so they could be proud that they have a 'friend' who is hot and his circle of friends could pay attention to him also. 

When you a hot body, inevitably, a lot of people will chase after you. Yes, they chase after your body and not what constitute you. In the end, when the people are tired with your body, they just dump you and move on with another new body. So in the end, you are left in despair. 

Having an ugly body is not bad after all. You're safe. Friends and lovers are at least truthful enough to accept your flaw of your ugly body. 

It's late everyone. Good night. For those who are having fun at Songkran, please be safe. You know what I mean. 

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