Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bloodshed in Lahad Datu

Though the peninsular folks are rarely concern on what is going on in East Malaysia but yesterday, Malaysians from all walks of life were really caught with the development in Lahad Datu, Sabah.

Apparently, around 100 armed men from Royal Army of the Sulu Sultanate landed in Kampung Tandou and did not want their people of Sulu descent to be sent back to home origin. 

Though Malaysian government promised to solve the conflict through diplomacy without any bloodshed - however, after Friday prayers, shootout break out - leaving 12 intruders dead and two of Malaysia's policemen perished.

As this entry is written, there are still remaining members of armed Sulu group holed up in the village of Kampung Tandou, Lahad Datu, Sabah.

As the crisis unfolded pieces by pieces, there are many questions arise here. I'm writing this as apolitical as possible. 

  1. Why the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN)  failed to deter the armed men to reach Malaysian shore while patrolling at the sea on the first hand? RMN has two units of French-made Scorpene submarines with price tag of RM 3.4 billion to avoid the repeat of 1511 Portugese invasion of Malacca. Equipped with submarines, RMN believes they could be offensive to avoid any invasion but now RMN couldn't even handle 100 armed men traveled on boats.
  2. Negotiations was conducted during the crisis. Look, the intruders are armed with rifles, why negotiate and it took three weeks to crush the group? The intruders have nothing dissimilar with the terrorists and our sovereignty was at stake. Don't compromise on our sovereignty and don't negotiate with the intruders on our sovereignty. Smoke them out and kill them!
  3. Police was given the uphill battle task to solve this crisis at the frontline but not the soldiers. 
  4. Slow progress in handling the crisis - the intruders landed on February 9 and now it's already March 2 but yet the intruders are still there. Well, compared to Bersih 3.0, the policemen were so gung-ho to put barb wires, road blocks, and even shot tear gas at its own and unarmed civilians in no time. 
As we're still waiting for this crisis to be over, at this juncture, we owe so much for the bravery shown by our fallen heroes Insp Zulkifli Mamat and Kpl  Sabaruddin Daud. Prayers and thoughts to the victims' family.

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