Thursday, February 28, 2013

I didn't give up. I moved on.

Before you scroll down further, you probably think that this entry is about you, don't you?

You're so vain. This ain't about you!

Anyway, in my previous entry , i blog that how long the friendship should go before the confession of your feelings.

Alright, you confessed and got rejected and you moved on. You indulge yourself with work, maximize your spared time with your friends or even slutting around with others if you're the wild one. It seems that your everyday life turns out to be great and it seems that you need no man in your life. It looks like you have moved on but did you give up? Moved on doesn't mean you have given up.

You see, you thought it is all over when you already bid farewell to your effort to get him. You fake your smiles and tell your friends that you're over with him -moved on! But honestly tell me, could you go a day without the face whose rejected you going through your mind?

Though you seem you are fine without him but deep down inside you, his voice and his touch and those beautiful memories are with you all the time. If you have given up, you wouldn't have a slightest thought of him - he would just vanish in the haze in your mind. If you have given up, you wouldn't have slightest thought to have him next to you. You just moved on without really given up.

Okay, you tried get over him by looking for others (as a re-bounce per se) but everywhere you looked and every way you took, he is all that you see.

Move on is telling your physical body to get over it and stop meeting him, giving up is telling your heart and mind to stop harboring feelings on him. Don't think too much. If both of you are really meant to be together, eventually, it will be.

If getting over him is for the best, why he is still in your heart and still in your soul?

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