Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cheery Chap Stick at Gym

Recently, some people said that my body look rather fit. I've got to admit this. I have been training at home secretly. Doing sit ups and push ups almost like everyday.. Well, i'm not shy to reveal my body now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold, the hottest body ever!

Sorry to say, the picture above isn't my body. I just randomly grab it from Jack D'. 

Trust me, i don't have that kinda body. In fact, nobody will be attracted by my physical body attributes. My body frame is rather small and my shoulders are rather steep and i think i have little tummy. Come on, tummy is inevitable for all men out there. It's hard you know, though i can resist eating but the baby inside my tummy has to eat also right?

So i have been thinking to join gym. Actually i have been thinking about this for few years now.

Yeah, i do get jealous sometimes that when i come across boys/men with hot body. My jealousy will trigger my craving in which eventually those bodies i crave for will end up on my bed. Just joking. 

Hitting the gym is a good thing - exercise to maintain a healthy body and to build my body.  And that's the only good thing about gym.

And here is the bad thing about gym. 

First of all, it's expensive. I'm not a rich boy and i barely make ends meet. If not mistaken, the market rate for membership today is close to RM 200 (or more) per month. In long run, it sums up to RM2,400 per year. I can do a lot of things with that amount of money.

I never really step into the gym before but i heard a lot of stories about gym. Yes, it is infested with gay men. The more i hear, the dirtier my perception is on the gym. Apparently, the shower rooms are just covered by shower curtain and sometimes, the sicko gay men will open the shower curtain while you're bathing in the pretense that they didn't know that the shower cubicle is occupied. And that's it - your birdy is exposed.

And apparently, they do blow job (or anal intercourse) in the shower cubicle itself! WTH? That's my fantasy!! I mean, they should get a room! 

Really, my friends have their own stories to tell right after gym. Like who's the hottie today and who's looking at who and who is flirty with whom. The clean and healthy essence of gym is eclipsed by gay men and turn the sacred healthy place to a gay cruising hot spot now. 

Sounds vulnerable to go to gym right? I wonder what will happen if i ever hit the gym.

I think i will lose my discretion  with so many hotties there without knowing their names. I bet my head will get confused and it will be hard for me to obey on what shouldn't do at gym. Hard to resist, so touchable, too good to deny it. I bet every day will be a cheery chap stick - feels so wrong but it feels so right. 

While i writing this entry, my mind keep flashing this scene from The Simpsons where Homer is bringing Bart to steel mill to 'straighten him' from being gay:

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