Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More than friends, but not lovers

Before you scroll down this entry, i swear to God that this entry has nothing to do with my circle friends and with my past, well a little.

People say that if you love a person, make friend with him/her - see how things go before develop further into a relationship.

Alright, i think many of you will skip the friendship part and have the guts to confess your feelings to your crush. Whereas, others would be more conservative and take things  one step at a time by being friends.

So how long the friendship will be before the confession?

For my case, i used to be adventurous - brazenly confessed my feelings to the ones that i crushed on. Well, i was lucky for once but the rest was total disaster and epic embarrassment.

So i learned my lesson in the hard way, i took things slow thereafter - start off with friends first.

However, don't you think sometimes we are staying in the comfort zone by being just friends or best friends?

Look, you use your silence by hiding your feelings towards him and that person will forever think that you're just his friend, unless you're acting pretty obvious that you like him.

The pros to conceal your feelings is that you can spend quality with him and do the crazy things together - dinner, movies, trying new things out and even traveling together. I've been there before, i know it sounds like a fool or a cheapskate but trust me, you will be at cloud number nine whenever you're with him.

As the silence is moving along with time, you will ask yourself : should i confess? Is this the right time?  if i confess, would he be frightened and there will be no friendship and hang out together?

As the friendship is moving along with time, you will ask yourself: how much longer will this quality time will last? You will know someday he will be taken by someone else - well, at least you cherish every second you spent with him as you know sooner or later, he will be out of you life.

There's nothing you could when he is really taken by someone else. Falling from cloud nine and get up again. At least, you have the quality time spent together. Quality time doesn't last, so cherish it. When time's up, handover the quality time to the person he loves - if you love him, you will be happy to see him happy as well with the person he loves.

Please don't set fire on the bitch who takes him away!

If you're reading this and you're currently in this situation, you need the most patching up. Don't worry, i feel you because i was once broken too.


  1. U sure bo u r not referring to anyone else?? -.-

  2. sometimes scared to confess = scared to lose, that's why you tend to keep him as a close friend and enjoy those hanging out together.

  3. One day that person will be taken away by someone else....