Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fake Smiles on Valentine's Day

So people are asking me whether i have any date for Valentine's Day. I'm single and there ain't no men out there who wanna date me. Sounds sad huh?

Nah, i'm not. I'm quite comfortable being alone on Feb 14.

I've been sleeping on my bed instead with my unshaved chin writing this lonely entry.

Anyway, it's rather entertaining to read other's Facebook postings lamenting how lonely and how sad they are since they gonna spend the Valentine's night without any date.

I used to be one of them. Crying and even emo over lonely Valentine. But now, i really no idea what's the hype about. I thought we should treat our another half consistently like every day basis with devotion and love. Why we need to be extra good and extra passionate on Valentine's Day?

I think you guys are pretty influenced or even pressured by the peers and money-grubber commercial monsters. Really, it's such a waste of time to queue/book for a table at restaurant and geez, why spending so much on chocolate, flowers and teddy bear. Love doesn't last long, why bother so much to pump in so much money.

Even if i have a partner, i don't think i would make  Feb 14 as something so grand. Don't even think that i will buy any Valentine gift. Maybe that's why i'm still single coz there is no romance in my damn life.

I'm always  the spectator of other people's romance. I'm not that lucky to have my own kinda romance.

I always wanted to explore the sentiment of romance with the person that i like but i never really have the chance. Well, i did - i spent my Valentine with my ex in Pulau Pangkor, romantic right? Romance will not guarantee for a long lasting relationship coz we broke up in the end.

Back to present, why not i date the person that i really like for Valentine?

I know he doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. Furthermore, he is attached. Please don't awww for me.

So whenever i see him,  i will fake a smile so that he won't see that i have been hiding so much inside. I hope the person that he is currently dating is beautiful. I'm dying of jealously, really, because that person has everything that i have to live without. That person should hold him tight and give all the love in the world because there is other person out there who is dying to be with him.

For Pete's sake, it's Chinese New Year. Don't get so emo.

Alright, so i end my entry with a love song by Siti Nurhaliza. I like her a lot!!! The song is Aku Cinta Padamu ( I love you). I know it sounds cliche but the song is one of my favourite Malay songs and i think that he knows why i choose this song.

Suasana sepi begini di hari kekasih, penahan rindu menusuk hati, tak mungkin kau sedari.