Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Call me tubby man!

To my friends, what you've seen the physical aspect of me is true. Yes, i've put on weight and sadly to say, i have a pretty obvious tummy.

Look, i'm living in a sedentary lifestyle, i don't go to gym and i don't exercise and after lunch, i will sit like hours until work ends with my filled stomach. And good Lord, i'm always hungry when i'm about to sleep and i'm even munching CNY leftover biscuits while i'm writing this entry. My lifestyle literally contributes a lot to my tummy.

Will i be a tubby old man in the future? Oh yeah, flap my tummy..piak piak piak....

I know i should take pride of physical body but not the tummy! hello! It's heinous

To be honest, i really envy those gym guys who have 6 sexy abs, well, at least fine lines crossing along their stomach.

Maybe i should heed the general gay call to hit the gym.Or maybe i should follow some of my friends who are undergoing gym at home. Who is the trainer? Youtube of course. Not to say they have ideal bodies like those gym goers but at least the body is firm.

I just want my body to be firm and minimize my tummy, that's all.

God's willing, if i ever have those firm and little abs body, i'm wondering i will take off my shirt and cam whore and instagram it...then i will like, it's Alvin, bitch! Check out my abs. Check out my broad shoulder!

Lol....i promise myself that i willl be decent virtually, so no free show in Facebook or whatsoever.Self confidence does not built within the muscles on the body but in yourself. Look, it will be superficial if someone is interested to hook up with you for your sexy body and not the virtues that you have.

Anyway,gonna hit the sack..bye (actually, i'm going downstair for chocolate in the fridge)

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