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CNY 2013 : Year of Snake

Sometimes, the preparation and the anticipation for a celebration is more joyful compared to the actual celebration.

Yeah, it’s true. Like Chinese New Year, everyone was so gear up and gung ho to prepare for new lunar calender celebration. And when it hit the tai nien chor yat (first day of CNY), the clock was like giving the turbo to the time so the time could fly in a blink of an eye.

So here we are – the the third day after Chap Goh Meh. How was your celebration throughout the 15 days?
I bet that you have put on unwanted weight with countless amount of feasts you had during CNY.

I share the same fate with you. My tummy is like 5 months pregnancy. Let me share with you the feasts and my simple but yet meaningful Chinese New Year 2013 – the year of the snake with you.

Chinese New Year’s Eve

The yearly exodus again. I slept at 1am and woke up at 330 am to join the thousands motorists to slowly crawl back to hometown. Compared to last year, this year is better as our journey only took 4 hours (last year 6 hours).

Thought to have nice long nap when i reached home in Ipoh but once i was about shut my eyes, my mom already asked me to prepare for reunion lunch.

Talk about the lunch, we had it at  Restoran Bukit Tambun, Jalan Kuala Kangsar. Please don't ever go there. Before this, i mean years ago, we used to frequent this seafood restaurant as it served good food and fresh seafood. However, we stopped going there because the lady staff who took our order was very rude. So we thought she would be fired years after, but no, the bitch is still there. She is rude, put our food on the dining table without any gentleness  and she doesn't smile. Imagine on the eve of CN and served by a woman who look like her father just passed away. So please don't go there and the food is not that nice anymore.

CNY Reunion Lunch

The best thing to do on CNY's Eve - unwrapping the hampers! 
LAter in the evening, i joined billions of Chinese worldwide to have the yearly reunion dinner. As usual, it was all simple home cook food without any opulence (though we had abalone) and with much humility and gratitude to gather once again for this meaningful occasion. It was bit an emotional scene as my grandma and my uncle weren't there for reunion dinner but anyhow, life goes on.

Spice reunion dinner up with Sambal Petai with Prawn and Udang

First day of CNY

I know the usual practice is too bain nian (visiting) on the first day of CNY but my family doesn't really practice it - so i woke up quite late. I could have slept until noon but fireworks didn't allow me to so. Really, CNY this year was pretty quiet in Ipoh - ain't no why. Even i could purchase I Love Hong Kong 2013 movie tickets on the first day of CNY! So before movie at night with my family,  i just sat at home, watched TV and ate the items below:
Nga ku (Fried arrowhead)
Honeycomb biscuits
Aside from cash, this year i bought my mom a packet of Garret pop corn - caramelized almonds. Gone within a day 

Second day of CNY

I love CNY so much coz you could do nothing for the whole day! Like me, i spent my whole day in front of TV on the second day. Only went out to have my dinner with my mom and had my Yee Sang for the first time in the snake year.

Yee Sang at Sushi King. One of the restaurants that offered individual set of Yee Sang. Nice!
Since it is new attraction for Ipoh folks, Kinta Riverfront was so packed during CNY. I was surprised that they even had few pubs there namely The Sands which has nothing to do with Singapore. Pity those people who live there, it is so noisy! BTW, my ex lives nearby. In his face!

Third day of CNY

I know it would be silly to have karaoke session during CNY as it would be very very expensive. But we were so bored, so we paid the sky rocketing price to sing our lungs out!

My ex-classmates and I would have our class gathering on every third day of CNY but the attendance keep dropping each and every year - this year is the worst.

To avoid the low turnout and to celebrate our 10th anniversary of our friendship next year, i discussed with one of my ex classmates, why not we had it at my house! I don't mind to get a lion dance troupe to    commemorate our 10th year of friendship.

Fourth day of CNY

It is been long time since i accompanied my mom at market, so i took the time off to shop with her at the market.

We've got this for salmon sashimi at home
I even had the chance to have my favourite BBQ pork char siew at Yeung Wei in Gunung Rapat

Fifth day of CNY

It was Valentine's Day. I'm single as always so i just sat at home and blog  this sentimental entry:

Click here to read my emo Valentine's Day post

Sixth day of CNY
Downtown of Ipoh was total chaos since few of the main roads were close for the Najib visit. Such a nuisance - sial betul. Really, just compare the traffic flow before and after the closure

Before road closure
After road closure 

But anyhow, i managed to get into the town and met up with my junior at my favourite place Burps and Giggles. And my gosh, the owner there is so young, hot and cute!!! I should have a long entry blog about this restaurant, if i have time.

Seventh day of CNY

Also known as Yan Yat (human day) - Chinese believe that human is created on the seventh day of Chinese New Year. Nothing much hoo haa for me, just met up with my grand dad for a simple dinner. My grand dad is really old,  i think in his 90's now but he still can walk and cycle and he is the only person in the world who address me in my chinese name.

My grandpa personally passed me the ang pow. The outcome for this year  is not that positive-slight drop

Seventh day of CNY

Also known as Yan Yat (human day) - Chinese believe that human is created on the seventh day of Chinese New Year. Nothing much hoo haa for me, just met up with my grand dad for a simple dinner. My grand dad is really old,  i think in his 90's now but he still can walk and cycle and he is the only person in the world who address me in my chinese name.

Eighth day of CNY

The most miserable day ever in 2013 as it was the last day for me in Ipoh. Yes, i've to re-adapt to the KL's fast-pace lifestyle again. No more sleep at 4 am. No more wake up at 12 pm. No more home cook food. No more Astro. No more Kardashian marathon. And my Monday blues was so bad until i couldn't sleep even at 2 am! But also thanks to the bombardment of fireworks to celebrate the Jade Emperor birthday. My neighbour is really rich. Burning up the money - not those small tiny fireworks but it was those fireworks that could make huge loud boom!

Imagine this huge fireworks at 1 am

Ninth day of CNY

I have no idea how many times that i yawned during the first day of work after the long break. Gosh, it was like Mr Sandman flirting with me. I think i didn't do anything on the first day. Too sleepy!

14th day of CNY

Finally the weekend! To celebrate the remaining days before Chap Goh Meh, i went to i-city to catch the fireworks and of course, to have some fun there. Aside from the LED lights, i really enjoyed the 3D trick museum which the paintings are drawn in 3D angle so it would trick your mind and sight to believe that the subjects in the drawings are popping out. To know more about i City, Shah Alam, please click here

Sunflower glowing in the dark - nice epicture right?

I'm in Avatar

The happy and energetic God of Prosperity before CNY

The emo and tired God of Prosperity at the end of CNY

So here we are, back to reality and back to work. Aside from long break and the food, what i like about CNY is that the togetherness. I could see happy families everywhere with so much laughter. At one second, i would think that life is indeed beautiful. Those who work afar all come back here to unite once again to spend real quality time with parents and the relatives. I guess this spirit will never die for more generations to come.

Before i end my note, i know CNY has past and it is so wrong to put a CNY song but i really like this song a lot because it is so simple but yet beautiful. As this song goes, no matter sunshine or rainy days, i wish you everyday is a good day.

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