Saturday, March 9, 2013

Patriotism and a confession before GE

Aside from International Women's Day, March 8 yesterday was also the fifth year anniversary of  of the political tsunami in 2008. It has been five years since we held the last general election. I believe every Malaysian still remember that fateful day in which for the first time in history, the coalition party Barisan Nasional lost the two third majority in the parliament. Not only that, the party suffered a severe blow with Kedah, Perak and the rich state of Selangor and Penang  fell into the hands of opposition party.

Five years has gone and now we are the crossroad once again in deciding the next government which will lead our country into greater height. 

The big question mark among Malaysians got to be when is the general election. Some said end of March and some said in April. Really, we are bored with the guessing game. We have been guessing since 2011 for Pete's sake. 

So do you think BN will garner two third again? Or Pakatan Rakyat have a strong momentum to topple  BN?

The hype of general election has been shadowed by the crisis in Lahad Datu, Sabah recently. The death toll to date stands at 60 (8 out of them are Malaysian forces). It was disheartening to hear that our Malaysian patriots had fallen in battle against the terrorists. Worst still, the terrorists mutilated and dismembered the bodies of our fallen heroes. Seriously, all the remaining terrorists in Sabah should be killed  and the self-proclaimed Sultan Sulu Jamalul Kiram III should be extradited to Malaysia for lawful punishment. Or just follow  what US did to Osama and Saddam Hussien, Malaysian forces should go to Philippines and hunt the moronic Jamalul down and kill him.

The Sabah crisis has indeed boost a little popularity and even credits to Najib. Look, when the nation is in crisis, the patriotism will soar high and the nation will come together. Remember the US election in 2004, George W Bush won easily coz US was in Iraq and Afghanistan for the war against terrorism. Najib has the credit now and inadvertently, you will follow his lead to overcome the crisis. Like what happened few days ago when Jamalul asked for ceasefire - Najib refused and replied with a strong stance "surrender or face the consequences". His strong words has indeed inspired the spirit of patriotism among us.

Though Najib has echoed the spirit of patriotism but his administration's integrity was once again in doubt yesterday when Saiful Bukhari's father, Azlan claimed that the sodomy accusation against Anwar Ibrahim was all political conspiracy. Azlan added that Saiful has been used by certain parties in order to  put Anwar behind bars once again. Though Saiful denied that the sodomy hoo haa was a conspiracy and it was real but it would discredit Najib and boost Anwar's popularity for the coming election.

Whatever it is, the drama has just begun and we are all geared up for 13th General Election! 

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