Thursday, March 7, 2013

I love football -ers

Manchester United's Champion League ambitions ended when it lost to Real Madrid recently.

And so?Why so happy?

You still need to work your ass off right? It's not that you have won lottery or your wife got pregnant.

Just that one giant football club lost in a league ( i have no idea why so many people hate Man U ) and gosh, the deejays from most of the radio stations are like Man U this and Man U that - seriously, do those straight men have no life at all, and their interest only revolves around football?

Really, there is one local radio station out there that broadcasts live commentaries on the on-going football match.WTH? Whole two hours listen to the commentaries on how one damn ball is being kicked by people? 

If there is a big match at night, you will know that the  topic on the next morning will be the result of the big match. Okay, gay guys don't really care about the result. We will be more happy to know who sleeps with who yesterday night and of course, who got the cutest balls, you know what i mean.

Not only that, we have  few TV stations which claim that it provides 24 hours latest updates from sport arena. I'm so believe that what they are trying to say is sport is football. Really, trying to keep on pressing your sports channel, i bet that four out of five is football.

Then here comes the football expert shares his comments on the match and good lord, he can even give predictions on the upcoming matches! The living oracle. What does he do in his life - studying and researching on one damn ball being kicked by footballers?

To further extend to my amusement on those commentators or football experts, they even do the recording at the mamak stall.  Look, if The View kinda topics i wouldn't mind to watch but an hour long topic on a rolling ball on the field ?

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I don't get it. When straight men talk about football, they will go extremely enthusiastic. They will talk about who scores, who is the best player of the match and yada yada....i'm like do you really know them personally? I bet that the footballers are laughing at you guys coz they earning big bucks by keeping the damn ball rolling on the field. They are laughing all the way to bank and you're dumb ass watching the ball rolling on the field.

I know i will get gay bash after this post. For all my straight guy friends out there which i barely know you, sorry. Rest assured, gay guys hate football but we love footballers especially when they take off their shirts after goal.We are really excited when the ball is getting closer to the goal, not because of the score, we are excited because the footballer is getting closer to take off his shirt.

Let me see, which picture should i use for this entry..hmmp..David Beckham? Well, we like him but we adore his wife more. Torres? Hmmp..i don't think he has the body. I know who! Christiano Ronaldo ....just check out his body! Sexy period!

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