Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Steady hands, just take the wheel

Have you ever have a little pause and ask yourself where are you right now?

Yes, you are reading my blog in front of your laptop or smartphone.

I mean seriously, do you know where you at and do you know where you're heading to in your career path?

Seriously, i never thought ever in my life i could end up being a Public Relations practitioner. I'm not a well-converse kinda person, i mean verbally. But look at me now, I'm a worn out boy handling international and big brands. Big brands never come easy, i'm like a sugarcane in a crushing machine - oozing all my energy out to meet the high demands of those brands. Complain not, i guess you and i share the same fate also, we are just plain sugarcanes which are ready to be crushed.

Actually, i'm not a good planner in my career but i know what is my strength, what is my forte, what is my weakness and what i want for my next job.

It seems that most of my friends are changing their jobs now whereas for me, I'm still at the same old company. Well, not complaining because without this company, i wouldn't be who i am today.

But being said that, i hope i won't spend my sweet time in my comfort zone - it's about time to inch out.I always tell myself that my next job is for career advancement, salary is secondary. Do you share the same sentiment with me?

What is the main factor or factors that drive you to change your job? Career advancement? Higher pay? Horrible bosses? Too stressful? Too bored?

Whatever it is, I know i should be proud but i feel really humble instead, sometimes unbelievable that i'm approached by really huge big companies. Like seriously, me? Bitch please, i'm the one you're looking for hahaha....

Too early to have a clue on what my next job will be, who knows that I'll be staying put at my current company.

Before i end my note, i wanna share with you guys, few weeks ago, i was verbally attacked in Facebook for commenting my own opinion. In his verbal attack, he belittled me that i came from a small town that i'm such a dumb ass and know nothing about big city like Kuala Lumpur (though i've been staying in KL for seven years now)-he asked me to go back to Ipoh. My town might be small compared to KL but little did he know that my little small town Ipoh produces so many prominent names - Michelle Yeoh, Michael Wong, Jack Lim, Amy Mastura, Baki Zainal, Lat - to name a few.

I didn't retaliate, i just deleted off his Facebook. Little did he know that this little kid from small town is handling international brands. I can't wait to add him back and let him see my job description ( or new job description) in my Facebook.

Actually, i'm very stressed right now and my sister ditches me for some other guys (i know i will be killed for saying this) so here is the song for you and me, no matter how stressed up with our work, we still need to carry on. Like what Nate sings "Cause we are, we are shining stars, we are invincible, we are who we are on our darkest day when we're miles away, so we'll come, we will find our way home"

Everything will be alright


  1. well, i have to say this.I met you a few years back and you are kinda mean to me.we never ever contact each other up to now. But to find your blog is hard. I am the person that want to be your friends. But too bad. you don't appreciate it. Maybe you know how to judge me but you will never care how I really feel. but, you demand other people to care about your feelings. Isn't that something weird? Maybe what you posted in FB is a bit insensitive to you. but to the others?? It's not like you don't like then you delete their accounts. I name that a bit childish. I don't mean you can't delete them.

    Don't make yourself too hard. It is just a comment. It is also another way to review other people's thought or do they really worth staying in ur fb for depressing you but stabbing you. Any how, I follow this blog once in a while. About ur career. Good luck for that, just follow what you want.


  2. hmmp....perhaps u can inbox me in FB?

  3. I never added you in fb before. So it's ok. I think it will be even worst if you know who i am.because we not even friends. We had met each other in 2008. That is not our first time meeting each others. Even earlier we had met. But too bad right. It's 2013 now. But it's okay. I don't get mad. But i started to be mad. But now just a bit frustrated. But i don't hate you. Maybe the problem is with me.

    Anyway, just take care and focus on what you suppose to do. Where do you come from is not important?? You look great, you are capable, you are smart then. You don't need to be so revengeful. End up making your life even harder. Your life is facing problems everyday. Don't you feel you are making yourself another problem? Even if you add him with a big brand? So what? Is he going to clap his hand? Just don't get influenced by them.