Monday, September 19, 2016

Gotta Catch 'Em All

It has been more than a month ever since the Pokemon Go craze swept all over Malaysia.

I wasn't a fan of Pokemon before this and aside of Pikachu, I didn't even know other Pokemon characters. But ever since I played Pokemon Go, I could nail like 90 per cent of the characters.

A month plus gone and I'm at level 21 with 101 Pokemon caught thus far. Not that bad right?

I know the craze is slightly dying. When you reach higher level and 60-70 percent of the Pokemon, there's nothing more you can catch. And the super rare Pokemon characters are really hard to be caught.

What about the gym?

You could hardly go into gym as errors happen most of the time.

But then again, we still have this undying spirit of "Gotta Catch 'Em All". It feels so satisfying everytime a new Pokemon added into the Pokedex.

So where is the best place to catch Pokemon?

Definitely, Taman Jaya which is just opposite Amcorp Mall. Pikachu is like running wild there! Aside from Pikachu, you can find Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Magikarp there as well.

In any given moment, three to four Pikachu could appear!

They are not zombies but they are human flocking at Taman Jaya just to
catch Pikachu. It seems an animated Pikachu could do the job better in uniting
people compared to political propangda :)

I caught so many Pikachu there til I could even evolve it into Raichu!

Playing Pokemon Go is more than a game, for me. Really, it could strengthen your ties with your family members or with your friends. Though it is annoying to see people got so engaged with their phones and block your way or even walking zombies which walking slowly in a group but they are completing a mission together. I even bumped into my long lost friends plenty of time while playing this game.

In addition to strengthen your ties, playing Pokemon Go could really entice you to get out from comfort of your home and visit the public places and parks. It's time to do the walking to hatch the eggs.

The ever so beautiful Dataran Merdeka
For the first time in my entire life, I stepped into Merdeka Square and I felt like a tourist from afar. It is a huge square indeed when you need to walk from one end to another end to catch Pokemon. But beware of the sprinkles there - please don't get wet. Plenty of Charmender there. Some said, Snorlax appears there sometimes. I didn't have any luck for Snorlax but I caught the rare Hitmonchan.

Soaring high

Central Park Bandar Utama
1Utama is great place to catch Pokemon but sadly, the reception could be bad sometimes. The rare Pokemon I ever caught there was Ponyta and Seadra. You can go out to Central Park outside of 1Utama - Magikarp and Shellder are aplenty there. And since it's a dog-friendly park, you can play with the dogs too - not Growlithe, real dogs I'm talking about.

Taman Tun Park, TTDI
Nothing much here - if you need candies for Psyduck and Magikarp, please visit this park.
Setia Walk Puchong
It's like a nest for Magikarp here. If you need to collect 400 Magikarp candies, please drop by here. Even if you're inside the restaurant, Magikarp could appear on your food!

But then again, as we are engaging with Pokemon Go, please don't neglect the people who do not play like our grandma and grandpa. Ditch your phone for awhile and spend time with them. I know rare Pokemon is hard to come by but you only have your grandparents once in a lifetime.

Good night every one and Gotta Catch 'Em All! 

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