Friday, September 23, 2016

Out Of Reach

It's rather sad when you miss someone who doesn't misses you because he doesn't belong to you.

I know it is foolish to miss someone who doesn't miss but you can't help it. His presence and the way he looked at you still emblazon in your mind that you wish could have that moment a little bit more. 

But too bad he doesn't belong to you anymore. In fact, he belongs to someone else. You really wish that you could be someone else. The anger of "that should be me" grows even stronger whenever they posted those lovey dove pictures. That should be me in that pictures but it won't happen. 

Just blame yourself that you're not lucky. Or maybe your physical or even your assets are not that attractive and qualified enough to be in that picture. You just ain't that guy.

You knew the signs and things wouldn't work out. You were so stupid to be swept away by him. And now you feel like a fool and drown yourself in confusion. With the heart that is so bruised, you're asking yourself "Was I ever loved by you?"

Keeping busy everyday to tell yourself that you will be okay - it won't work. In the end of the day, the moment before you sleep, there will be traces of him flashing in your mind.

He just belongs inside your mind, out of reach and so far apart. You will never have his heart. You were never meant to be.

So much hurt, so much pain. It will take awhile to regain. I hope that in time, he will be out of your mind and you will over him too.

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