Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back to the past

As we move forward with our lives, do you have a slightest moment to pause and recall the past?
 I do, in fact, not a single minute passes without thinking about my past.
The past is always beautiful, doesn’t it?
I’m not referring my ancient past or my childhood past but just that my recent past.  I’m not bitching on my ex partner but after broke up, yes, I did emo for awhile but thereafter, I never felt so happy. Not because I was set free from the entrapment, well part of it, somehow, there was someone, someone I knew long time and someone I never knew that we could be so close.
And good lord, we were so bitchy together. Amidst the bitchiness and the void of being dumped, my smiles and laughter had returned. Meeting up dinner for almost every evening, texting each other like almost every minute, hijacking my phone, lashing out each other in Facebook – I never knew these little things could make me so contented.
I know things have changed. I’m no longer the same as before and neither are you. The days can only move forwards but I will never forget the days we spent together as all those memories meant so much to me. If I ever had a chance, I really would like to go to the past for which I know that i will never ever have that one fine day to have that special recognition.

P/S: I’m not emo

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