Tuesday, March 14, 2017

TOP with Micro Clean Tech™ Brings Next Level Cleaning Technology to Malaysia

TOP, the No.1 detergent brand in Malaysia is revolutionizing the Malaysian detergent industry yet again, with the introduction of its new breakthrough Micro-Clean Tech™ technology.

Tag lined ‘It’s not clean until It’s Micro-Clean’, the brand is encouraging consumers to attain next level, micro-cleaned laundry using its Anti-Sebum detergent technology.

Visible and Invisible Stains, Effectively Removed by TOP Micro Clean Tech™, Even from Fabric Cores
TOP Micro-Clean Tech™ detergent has innovative anti-sebum technology that pull out trapped sweat and sebum, as well as other trapped molecules from fabric cores. Trapped sweat and sebum molecules cause the yellowing of white and light coloured fabrics, and dullness of colored fabrics. These trapped sweat and sebum stains are also the main cause of the unpleasant odour around armholes, sleeves and collars, even after clothes have been laundered.

TOP Micro Clean Tech™ has been specially formulated to quickly and efficiently pull out trapped sweat and sebum, break them down to micro-size and prevent them from resettling on fabric.

Visible stains such as coffee, tomato sauce, chocolate and blood; as well as common Malaysian ‘tough stains’ such as sambal belacan and dark soy sauce are also easily micro-cleaned by TOP Micro Clean Tech™.

TOP Micro Clean Tech™ removes tough invisible and visible stains, easily!

Why TOP Micro Clean Tech™ Is The Detergent for Malaysians
TOP invests in research and development to seek out solutions to laundry issues to delight consumers and serve them better, through innovations and breakthroughs.

Many consumers have become resigned to the yellowing and dullness of laundered clothes that have been stored for long periods, the unpleasant odour of school uniforms and clothes used for exercising, or daily work with staining around the armholes, and the collar, and the frustration of bright coloured clothes that look dull after a few rounds of being laundered.

TOP’s researchers in Malaysia found that yellowing of white fabrics, and the dullness of bright fabrics, as well as unpleasant odours on laundered fabrics were issues that could be traced back to trapped sweat & sebum. They set out to create a solution to these issues that many consumers have accepted as inevitable.

TOP Micro Clean Tech™ provides a holistic, next level cleaning solution to almost all laundry issues, including these previously ‘unsolvable’ issues.

Malaysia is an equatorial country with high temperature, and humidity, year round. Sweating heavily is commonplace due to these factors. Our bodies naturally produce sebum or body oil, a light yellow, oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands. We tend to produce more sebum when the temperature rises. Like sweat, sebum stains are notoriously difficult to remove using regular detergents.

TOP’s research and development team studied the problem of ground-in sweat and sebum, and developed a solution in the form of TOP Micro Clean Tech™ detergent technology to enhance consumers’ lifestyles and embrace a micro-cleaned lifestyle.

The Micro-Clean Tech™ detergent technology includes micro molecules that can penetrate deep to pull out and breakdown sweat and sebum from within fabric cores. The advanced formulation also ensures that sweat, sebum and other dirt molecules are well dispersed in laundry water to prevent them being redeposited onto fabric.

Just one wash with TOP’s Micro Clean Tech™ will revive and refresh fabrics. Expect laundry water to be murkier as sweat and sebum, as well as other stain-causing molecules are successfully and thoroughly removed.

The revolutionary formulation maintains the TOP Anti-Malodour and Anti Mite-dust detergent functionalities that Malaysians have come to know and trust from the brand.

Southern Lion Sdn Bhd Senior Marketing Manager, Ms Carmen Foo said that TOP continues to drive innovation with the purpose of giving consumers a better lifestyle in line with its brand promise of Innovation for Better Living. The brand invests in consumer insights to uncover real-life issues, and increase the performance of its products.

“Malaysian consumers had highlighted their most pressing laundry issues which our researchers traced to sweat and sebum.  We responded by developing the revolutionary Micro Clean Tech™ detergent technology, for TOP to lead the anti-sebum detergent market in Malaysia.

“As the proven market leader in the detergent category, TOP has continuously evolved to match Malaysian consumers’ needs over the years. The introduction of Micro-Clean Tech™ strengthens our position, while enhancing the lives of Malaysian” added Ms. Foo.

TOP Micro-Clean Tech™ is now available nationwide with a host of new variants that have been specifically developed, each with a unique fragrance to cater to the different needs of consumers. The new variants added to the liquid range includes the TOP Blooming Pleasures and TOP Odour Buster.

To reflect the breakthrough formulation inside, the packaging of the entire range has been uplifted to be sleekly modern to look at, and more ergonomic making it easier to pour, and seal.

Get micro-cleaned to experience ‘It’s not clean until It’s Micro-Clean’. 

As a consumer-focused brand, TOP Micro-Clean Tech™ offers a wide range of variants to maintain the texture and quality of your clothes.

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