Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Couples Don’t Talk About Their Relationship On Social Media

Do you and your partner love flaunting your relationship on the internet, giving it a digital audience? Do you constantly post updates about your relationship on Instagram and Facebook? Do you give live coverage of every single thing you do with your spouse to the rest of the world- every date, every kiss, every gift, every argument? Then chances are that you are just in a fake relationship. Research shows that happy couples are more likely to spend less time on the internet and more time with each other. Here are some reasons why truly happy couples choose to keep their love-life offline, away from the prying eyes of social media.

1. They Prefer Living The Moment Instead Of Clicking Selfies Or Writing Statuses
When two people are absolutely happy with each other, they would spend more time with each other, instead of wasting precious moments uploading pictures and writing long statuses. It’s not like they shun the social media all together, but they will be less active on the internet if they actually have a life together.

2. They’re Aware That They Gain Nothing Out Of Discussing Their Problems Online

People in a real relationship are well aware of the fact that live telecasting their relationship problems will not help them solve anything, other than giving people something to laugh about. People on social media don’t really care about your problems- the moment you realize this, you and your partner will be much happier in life.

3. They Don’t Need ‘Likes’ And ‘Followers’ To Feel Happy

A couple that is truly in love does not yearn to be liked by others. Their life does not revolve around the uncontrollable need to make others feel jealous or inferior. They are happy with each other, and that’s all they need. The number of likes you get will not make your relationship stronger.

4. They Have Nothing To Prove To The Rest Of The World

When two people are happy together, they do not have to hunt for approval on public forums. They have each other, and that’s all they need. They are together because they love it, and they want to spend time with each other. They have absolutely nothing to prove to the rest of the world. That’s how all real relationships are. The moment you start using each other to portray to others that you are happy, you leave a dent in your relationship.

5. They Don’t Compare Their Relationship With Others’, Nor Compete

Most importantly, studies have found how people who are truly happy do not bother about how the other couples are doing. They do not compare themselves with other couples, nor do they see it as a competition. Your relationship is yours alone. There is no need to wave it in other people’s faces.

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