Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not Wealthy But Rich

I had a rude shock that the page view of my blog has exceeded 100,000 mark and still counting. I'm not sure whether there's a technical glitch in or there are genuine people out there who read my blog. For those who are reading my blog, big thank you for your support though most of my entries are lamenting about my life and always end without any conclusion.

Just a quick rewind, i started this blog back in 2012 as it was lowest point of my life. Back then, i was so emo and i needed something to share my thoughts of sadness. But over the years, the entries are getting more positive. Compared to now and then, I think the road I've traveled so far was laden with lessons - some were very painful to bear with and some were just perfect memories that I will never forget. I guess at this juncture of my life, i should lead a more positive kinda life.

There's a wise man said  that there's a big difference between wealthy man and rich man. Wealthy man is a person who has an abundance of money and assets and other tangibles you could name it. That wealthy man utilizes his abilities and capabilities to earn the wealthiness. Wealthiness could draw people's admiration and jealousy at the same time. Unfortunately, when that very wealthy man passes on, people will only remember his wealthiness, the tangible assets that he has but not remembering of who he was. Even he has all the wealth in the world, he may not be happy and contented since he sacrifices his every ounce of his life and every second of his time just to find wealthiness.

On the other hand, a rich man may not be wealthy. He may not have all the money and assets in the world. But he has the heart and devotion to enrich others. Enriching others by giving aid to the poor, give a shelter to the homeless, a bowl of rice to those who are neglected or even leading others to have a better life. He may not be wealthy but his richness has garnered others' respect and gratitude. When this rich man passes on, people will remember his name who touched and inspired so many others. He may not be wealthy but he could be the happiest person on this very earth as he has helped so many people along the way.

I know that in this real world, everyone is chasing for wealthiness but have we paused for awhile and look people around you? Have you heard their stories? I believe their stories that they about to tell will somehow inspire you. You may never know thier stories are thier plights, Who knows that thier stories will help you to be a richer man?

Wealthy or rich - i could not foresee what future will hold for me but for sure, moving forward, it will be positive.


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