Monday, October 27, 2014

3 Pants Every Man Must Own

I really admire those people who have a huge wall of wardrobe (like those wardrobes that human could walk into it and land in Narnia) in their bedroom. The clothes are  paraded so neatly  and it is very easy to mix and match for a perfect attire to kick-start the day.

For my case, my wardrobe is a disaster. It's very untidy and once you open it, please prepare for the landslide of my clothes. But one thing for sure, I always keep my three very important pants in a special compartment - so it will be handy for me to pick the pants without ransacking it.

There are abundance kinds of pants available in the market for men to choose from (step aside, women!). But do you know what are the three types of pants that men must have to strike a pose and seize the day with confidence and style?

The first in the list is the trendy chino pants which are the perfect substitute for jeans. Chino pants are much lighter in weight compared to jeans and give men that comfortable feel.I have few chino pants with me and I wear it to work as it accentuates the essence of 'I have fun in my office' without overshadowing the formality and seriousness at work - it's like best of both worlds. Men can mix it with a blazer top or even an oversized tee without ever getting caught by the fashion police.

And of course, few pairs of slack trousers if you're working in corporate environment (slack trousers are always the safest wear in formal occasions like meetings and corporate events). Though slack trousers are bit old-school but it really reflects maturity (or should i say well-experienced) and professional at work. You can add sleek and stylish look in your old-school slack trousers by matching it with a blazer. Even a simple business shirt could make you look so clean but yet so sophisticated.Choose from the classic black trousers, to the beige pants or even the striped pattern trousers and walk in style everywhere you go.

Last but not least, another type of pants which must be available in the wardrobe for men is sweatpants. Sweatpants do not limit itself only in sports. Its light fabric makes every moment so much easy and it's a perfect wear to tell everyone that "Today, I don't feel like doing anything - please, do it yourself!". Just match it with a pair of flip-flop could make you so stylish without any effort.

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