Sunday, November 9, 2014

Racism and Sexism

We heard so many news and even viral social media postings in regards to racism and sexism. Need not look far as these two prejudice, discrimination and antagonism are still pretty much demonizing our own people at our own back yard. Clueless? Just look at some politicians and the prominent figure who looks like a frog.

But you don't really care, do you? We're only be alarmed if some jokers out there make a headline on his/her racism or sexist remark on our own race and gender. But have you ever  being a victim of racism and sexism?

Just wanna share with you, lately I've been aggressively looking for a new place to live in since I'll be moving out from my current place very soon. Inevitably, my source of searching will be To my surprise, the preferences in those vacant postings are pretty disturbing.

The common preferences are "Chinese only" and "female only". Aren't that pure racist and sexist? Are those Chinese and female folks living in nomad kinda life which move around? What about other races and men? These two folks are capable enough that they don't need a shelter?

This is an unhealthy sign definitely. Room rental could be this racist and sexist, what about wider scope like career, business and scholarship opportunities? 


  1. You hit the bulls eye! I'm a liberal (closeted) non-practicing Muslim (I have issues with the teachings of Islam), and I got very lucky that I found a room where the only requirement was PLU or PLU-friendly. my housemates are Chinese (1 guy and 1 girl) and I have no problems with them. Except that we don't even talk to each other, which is the only regret I have, and oh yeah, I still prefer male housemates over females. But it is super hard to find a house filled with mixed races. So sad.

    1. so many ppl turned me down becoz im a

    2. just cuz of that? wth?..but honestly, i have had female housemates my entire life and i much prefer having all-guys as housemates. got many rejections for not being chinese or not cute enough ( under plu standard).