Saturday, November 22, 2014

He takes my wheel

Words can't describe how exciting I am coz it's just merely two weeks before the last day of my current workplace. I'm really looking forward for my one month break throughout December and it will be great!

I have been working for all my life without taking any proper break. I guess it is justifiable for me to take a whole month off and refresh myself. Activities installed for December are really awesome from moving to a new crib, Christmas, watching Mamma Mia The Musical for free (I won the tickets!) and I'm even travelling with my mom. After hiatus like 10 years, this is the first time i travel abroad with her and I'm really excited and proud. Why proud? Coz I sponsor her - well, it's not those lavish getaway but just a humble trip up to Bangkok but I already feel so proud about myself for doing filial piety.

Though I'm all geared up for my December break but at this juncture also I will ask myself who or what I want to be. I'm hitting the big 3 O very soon but honestly, i don't have no answer for myself. You may say I'm a fool who doesn't really care about the future or you may say I'm carefree lad. Whatever you may call me, this is me, I can't change it. I'm not heading my life aimlessly but i know that God is always there for me to guide me and He never forsakes me.

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