Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Back to December

Want to know something scary?

2014 only has 78 days left. So what you have done so far in 2014? Are your resolutions fulfilled?

God knows what resolutions i made for this year but things look positive in the end i would say. I'm pretty sure my favourite month December will be a bang since I've a lot of plans have in mind:

  1. Shift to a new place - i love my current crib but after living alone for so many years, i think it's about time to live with my partner. I'm not sure he will be able to keep up with me but i believe it will be a heartwarming experience like someone to cook for you since i don't know how to cook, someone tuck you in bed and waking up next to someone that you love. 
  2. Travel - Ever since Hong Kong trip last year, i never stepped out from the country. But where can i go? I know the ideal place will be Bangkok because it's cheap and near but what the city can offer me? I don't want to visit another template of KL. Or maybe i should go back to Hong Kong...no...no...who knows the protest gone worse...no..no...Taipei? I can't speak Mandarin...ok, i just stay in Malaysia
  3. Outdoor activity - my partner has been pushing and coaxing me to take up some outdoor activity since i spend so much time eating and watching The Simpsons at home. He always asks me to take some martial art. I'm very reluctant to this coz i don't want people to hit my beautiful face. Not gym or Zumba please coz both activities are very synonymous with gay. I want something extraordinary...maybe a wall climbing class or maybe i pet a dog and train the dog...
  4. Spend more time with mom - Mamma Mia the musical will be staged in December and she is a big fan of ABBA but the tickets are not cheap, sigh. See how it goes...
  5. I'm waiting for 6...if you know what i mean...
  6. And after all, December is all about....


  1. What?! Gym = gay?? Please.. You yourself pun gayyyy....

  2. Hi Alvin, I'm not the Anon above, and I have to agree with you. Zumba and Gym are very very gay related, it's like 90% gays MUST do it, and if you walk into any gym these days, chances are, 90& of the patrons are gay, and half of them are muscle mary's.

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