Saturday, April 18, 2015

Live Mighty

About a year ago, I started my blog with a sad note entitled "I Won't Give Up".

Eventually,  I gave up. You see, there was no point waiting for someone who never liked me though we had a brief moment.

Thanks to him, I restarted my hobby in blogging and it is going even stronger with merely 800-1,000 views per day. How I wish I could quit my job and become those full-time blogger. Doing nothing,travel everywhere and dine at the finest place and yet you've got pay for it.

Anyway, what have changed throughout these three years?

My size of course. Back in 2012, my gosh, I was thin as paper. My neck was long and hardly had any fleshes on my cheek. Now? I don't want to talk about it. It is a sad story whenever I step on the weighing scale. I'm like Frosty the Snowman. One piece of advice who is reading this entry, if you think you're skinny, please take it for granted - take care of your diet. One day, metabolism will slow down and when it slows down, your body will go haywire.

What else?

In these three years, I've lost four of my loved ones. Their departures taught me that nothing last forever and we are pretty much immortal and fragile indeed. You were dining with your grandma happily on one fine day, never knew few months after, you bid the final farewell to her. There was a Chinese saying which goes "appreciate people in front of you", I guess I learned the hard way.

What else?

I don't know. Everytime i scroll down my Facebook, the unkown people look happy all the time. Is the grass greener on other side? Or their way is paved in gold? I really wish I could have that energy and motivation to make my life more colourful. Colourful doesn't mean I have to splurge but I don't know-doing the things that I like. To be honest, I like travelling a lot. Need not to be extravagant nor to be gay one but at least I'm out of routine. I wouldn't travel to a small town and even a village. Like last weekend, my family went to Kuala Sepetang, it was very small fishing village near Taiping. It was quiet and it was after rain and I just love this kind of ambience. It was simply refreshing.
Kuala Sepetang

My hometown Ipoh
 It's rather late now. Better don't think so much. Just like this song - Live high, live mighty, live righteously taking it easy. You know you will be alright.

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