Thursday, April 30, 2015

Simplicity has a meaning

I guess you heard it all before that Bruce Jenner is turning into a woman. I'm not quite sure the reason behind the transition but if you are living with a bunch of drama queens, it won't be surprise.

But somehow, I admire his courage to conduct gender transition. He's ain't young you know (age 65). At least he is doing what he wanted to do, to become who he really is. Just imagine the pure happiness and freedom of being who you truly are.

There's no immortality. Our lives are like fireworks, a loud bang when we were born, followed by big colourful sparks when we achieve our heydays. Eventually, our beautiful colourful lives will vanish in the haze.

Since life is so short, why wait? Do the things you like to do or else you will end up in regrets. Regrets I have few but then again too few mention. It was that void, void of courage which drove me into regrets. I'm not that brave young man that you might think that i am.

Moving forward with my life and to be really honest with you, all i want to do now is to layback and let everyone to lead - maybe even for just one day. I really wish that I could have one fine day which everything has been planned for me and you know, loads of pampering. I guess this is too much to ask for.

Anyway, the very long break is just around corner-yay!

I don't have any concrete plans  just yet to kill the four-day break but i hope i could achieve my ultimate aim which is to sleep  until late in the afternoon.

Nevertheless, I hope i could take some time off just to pace down a bit from my hectic life, just wanna have some breather, you know.

Ain't know why I have this tendency lately to have some breather at small towns or even villages. It's like my life is lengthen by a year when I was there. Life is simpler there i would say. In this midst of simplicity, the people there seem so happy and contended. I was in Kuala Sepetang recently. Well, the folks over there are majority fishermen. Though they have been doing the job like over don't know how many years but they look so happy without any sign of stress. On contrary, I see people who are holding so high positions and i bet they earn a lot too but they frown and constantly heaving a sigh. Is that worth it?

I'm not trying to be Dalai Lama here but I guess the beauty of life lies in simplicity itself. Don't you think when we're too occupied to strive for achievements whether in terms of materials or powers, the process to achieve could be that so complicated. I know is good to dream big and have high-flying ambition and that's what keep you going.

However, as we are chasing our dreams, have we ever neglected something or someone who is close to you? Please don't because they are the ones who are giving you the silent cheers. These silent cheers are really meant from the bottom heart.

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