Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Day! May Day!

Few days ago, I was dining with my friend at Ming Hoe Hokkien Noodle. Apparently, this humble shop at Jalan Ipoh was quite famous with rave reviews from the foodies. It was really tasty for me coz its food was laden with lard. All those deathly ingredients could make everything so tasty.

Anyway, it was rather funny when I ordered the food. I was asking the lady boss for her recommended dishes. 

Since I was that liberal, I asked my friend whether he was fine with the recommended food.

"Hokkien mee with stewed pork, ok?" I asked. 

"Ok", he nodded. 

"Wat tan hor, ok?" I asked.

"Ok", he nodded,

"Aiyah, no need to ask him la. He will say yes to everything one", the lady boss said.

Hokkien Mee with Stewed Pork!
You see, I'm not picky when it comes to food. The thumb of rule is that the dining place cannot be stuffy and the dishes cannot be the same as yesterday.

I ain't no primadonna right?

I feel frustrated sometimes when I come into a situation that I don't have any idea on what to eat. Ask people around me, they will surely say "up to you la, anything"

I'm really looking forward to a restaurant named "anything". 

But seriously, I have been making so many decisions in my work, I wish that when it comes to small matters like having a meal, someone could decide for me. Or at least give me some suggestions. 

I need a breather in making decisions. I'm not sure people around me see me as the most qualified decision maker. I don't see myself as decision maker actually coz it takes helluva self-confidence to make that call.

Enough of my ranting. How was your four-day break? Mine was good, at least I had enough of sleep. Though I didn't have any overseas trip (which I have been longing for) but I did two road trips throughout the long weekend.

First, Seremban/Port Dickson. It was my maiden trip to Seremban. Verdict? It was rather quiet and really quiet. I believe Ipoh is more happening than Seremban.

The only thing we did there was having Seremban Siew Pao and that's it.

Famous Empayar's Seremban Siew Pao 
Since there wasn't anything to do in Seremban, we headed down to Port Dickson. It was not a pleasant trip in PD. Why? The roads there were infested with Mat Rempit. I really hope that I could be some sort of sniper - joining another team of snipers and kill them all off like a game.

But eventually, we managed to catch the beautiful sunset at PD beach
We had seafood as well - Nestum prawns, my favourite! But talking about prawns, there's no place could beat Tanjung Tualang in Perak

Since we were in Seremban, yeah, that's why..we ordered Fu Yong egg

Next road trip, Fraser Hill. The journey to go and back was not a pleasant one but the weather was awesome at the top of Fraser Hill. Greyish sky with cold blowing breeze, just love it.

The road up to the hill is very very long and winding-it took almost one hour just to reach the peak
But first, please stop by at the Sungai Selangor Water Dam. The view is simply magnificent 
The iconic clock tower of Fraser Hill
The lush green view at Fraser Hill
The smokehouses

Aside from trip, i refused to head back to my hometown (thank god I did since it took 6 hours just to go back to Ipoh- you can imagine the jam) since I had an invitation for  a wedding reception of my beloved gal pal. Heartiest congrates to both of them!

I think it was a Twilight-inspired wedding hehe

When will i have the chance to walk down the aisle?
Before i end my note, since it's May, here's a song for you. One of my favourite songs from Bee Gees :)

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