Sunday, May 24, 2015

No Sugar Pie, Honey Bun

I always have this curiosity what are the daily activities or routine for my friends with their respective partners? I wonder everyday is also sunshine and sugar without any arguments?

Well, I'm the least romantic person on this planet, so yeah, there's is no fireworks nor magic to make my relationship colourful. I did try to make my relationship to be exciting one, at least it's not so routine and my intentions are all good for the relationship.

But it doesn't work the way supposed to be. Somehow, it is kinda burden for him. Somehow, I was portrayed as primadonna that everything has to accommodate me.

 Trust me, I'm not that primadonna. In fact, I'm kinda liberal in people-to-people relationship on daily basis. I would be more than happy to listen to suggestions to make things better. It will be even better if they could lead and make decisions as well.

If you're reading this blog and you're complaining that you don't have a partner in your life, please don't be. It's nothing great actually, it's just part and parcel of life, I'm pretty sure you have it eventually.

Trust me, having a lover in your life is not something overwhelming like supernova in the sky. Life goes on. You get scolded sometimes, you get irked and loneliness will visit you sometimes. Worst still, you have to swallow the blames just to avoid your partner from being berserk. Even you would choose to remain silence as you know that once you open up, you will be threaten with word "break-up".

Who wants to break up anyway?

There are times you're trapped in a capsule. This capsule makes you so isolated from the world around you. You have a lot of thoughts. Your hidden ego forbids to share your thoughts with anyone.

Once you're in that capsule, you wish that the very person could know how you feel without spilling it out. You wish that he could take initiative to make the relationship slightly better. Because you're tired sometimes.

I think I should stop complaining. At least I have one and other exes. Okay, i think it's about time to put my eyeliner on and wear my blond wig...because I'm channeling into Avril Lavigne and singing my favourite song....

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