Saturday, May 9, 2015

Teresa Teng: Still Loved, Still Resonate

It was that cloudy morning that I will never forget.

On that very morning, my mom just came back home from sundry shop which was located behind my home. Once she stepped into the living hall, she was looking at the front page for quite a while. She sat down and said with her shocking but yet composed tone "she's dead...Teresa Teng is dead"

Twenty years ago yesterday,  Chinese community around the world was shocked in disbelief to learn that the legendary Teresa Teng has left us at such young age. Though I was quite small back then but I knew who she was.

Ever since I was small, I mean very very small, my mom would always hum "Tian Mi Mi" by Teresa Teng. She also shared the never ending stories of Teresa Teng. She told me that Teresa Teng was that famous that no matter which corner of the earth you might be, as long there was a Chinese community, you would hear the beautiful songs by Teresa.

Twenty years has passed, her fame still lives on. Her beautiful and pleasant face is still fondly remembered by millions in Asia and around the world. Even my non-Chinese friends know who she was. I believe every Chinese on this Earth is able to sing her "The Moon Represents My Heart".

I am proud to admit that I'm big fan of her. You may say I'm outdated or an uncle  for listening to her songs but until now, I could not find any Chinese singer who has the voice which similar to Teresa ( the closest will be Faye Wong). Really, I'm hypnotised by her voice. Let me describe her voice this way; her voice is like a gentle stream flowing through the meadow. Her voice is like weeping but with strength. Her voice is so flawlessly clear and so soft and so whispery. 

Old uncle for listening her songs? I'm not the only one. Many modern idols were inspired by her. Faye Wong, Jay Chou, David Tao, Karen Mok, Sammi Cheng and among many others. 

Faye Wong commemorated Teresa Teng death anniversary in 2013 in Weibo with this line "Thank you for having there. May your beauty live on".

Remember how Jay Chou revived Teresa in his concert using technology display? He expressed his wish in the concert "I once imagined that if I could turn back time to 30 years ago to sing a song with her, it will be a great honour".

Though her passing was way too soon but Teresa left a legacy which is irreplaceable. Twenty years and even a century more, Teresa Teng's songs will continue to echo. 

Since this entry is all about her, let me share some of my personal favourites:

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