Saturday, June 6, 2015

10 Bad Experiences in Malacca

I love travelling, if you didn't know. Travelling is like breaking my routine. Adding more colours to my life. Exploring the unknowns at foreign place.

However, there will be a circumstance when I hate travelling the most - holiday season.

Last weekend, I went to Malacca with my partner. I never knew it was school holiday until I was approaching Seremban when Waze alerted stand still traffic ahead. I was like 'Shit! School Holidays!

So my entire trip in Malacca wasn't a pleasant one. After like three hours of driving (instead of an hour and half), we finally reached Ayer Keroh. We were really hungry so the first thought came into our mind was Chicken Rice Ball! We wanted to go to Huang Chang, which is along the way to Melaka City but it was closed. I couldn't endure hunger anymore, so we chosen restaurant which was nearest to us. It was some chicken rice shop and my gosh, so salty! - Bad Experience #1

We reached hotel around 5.30 pm. The hotel wasn't pleasant actually. It was rather dirty. Anyhow, for the price that I forked out and it was just a night to spend only, so I just lived with it - Bad Experience #2

My partner wasn't a fan of cockles, so I went out alone to longkang cockles street at Jalan Bunga Raya. It was my first time though and I heard it was dirty.

So I went to the backlane of Jalan Bunga Raya  and good Lord, it was so DIRTY!!!

But I travelled so far, I had to try anyway. So i sat down at little small stool, there wasn't anyone served me for like five minutes. Yeah, it was bit rude when no one serves the diva. Ok, an uncle took my order eventually. The waiting period wasn't a safe one coz the motor kept on pass by behind me through the small backlane. I had to like bent down all the time.

So the little kid put a bowl of raw cockles in front of me. So i was like dude, you haven't cooked the cockles. I looked to my right and to my disbelief, what I thought was raw actually is cooked. People eating the bloody slimy just like that. Trust me, I'm a big fan of cockles but those cockles are very dirty. I only had four cockles that i gave up. - Bad Experience #3

Backlane of Jalan Bunga Raya for famous cockles
Bloody Slimy Cockles

Night time fell, what to eat? I heard there was a local delicacy called 'putu piring' at Jalan Tengkera. Putu piring is a Malay adaptation of a popular Indian snack - a type of round, steamed rice cake with tantalising sweet centre. So i reached there and everyone was leaving empty handed with disappointed on their faces. I was like "What's going on". To my surprise, the queue to have this small local dish was an hour!!! I gave up and left. - Bad Experience #4

An hour for this!

Never mind, let's go to Jonker Street to find some food there. As we approaching Jonker Street, it was jam and there wasn't any parking spot, and not a single private parking area. What to do? I parked at the road side and had walk of my life. - Bad Experience #5

But before that, I thought to have a boat cruise around the city since I never had that experience before. My excitement was short-lived because we couldn't even find the starting point of the queue. - Bad Experience #6
Managed to catch fireworks display

Feeling disappointed, so we went to Jonker Street. Though it was overwhelmingly crowded but at least we visited a tourist spot in Malacca. Though we bought ourselves some snacks and souvenirs but we were literally soaked in sweat.
Durian Puff- must try!

Next day, after we checked out from our hotel, we tried our luck to have chicken rice ball at Huang Chang. The queue was bearable and we've got our seats in 10 minutes. But sadly, the food didn't meet my expectation. It was cold. I heard the famous Chicken Rice Ball shop in Jonker Street also shares similar quality. - Bad Experience #7

Look at the queue!

After having our savoury, we planned to have some local dessert. So we went to Klebang's famous Coconut Shake. After travelling around 15 minutes out from town, not only the queue was long but it was jam packed with cars! - Bad Experience #8

Nevertheless, we managed to get the non-original coconut shake at Pantai Klebang and it was really good!

Coconut Shake!
Such huge bananas

The next dessert that I wanted to try was Aunty Koh Cendol, based the foodies' recommendation, it's the best in Malacca. But by the time we reached there, it was already closed. - Bad Experience #9

So what is the bad experience #10?

Traffic jam back to PJ.

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