Thursday, June 18, 2015


Maybe it's already a nature for Aquarians that they love surprises.

I love surprises. Trust me, my life is really like a box of chocolate, I don't have slight visibility what surprises are ahead of me. 

Most of the surprises came from my work since I'm in the PR industry, I can even get my surprises when i wake up from the bed and check my phone. The surprises ain't nice most of the time, it was those WTF moments.

However, my personal life is kinda mundane actually, it's rather a routine-driven one. I know surprises  could spice up your life but most of my friends are already attached, so we rarely meet to do crazy things like we used to be. 

Friends come and go, those teenage days never last long. In the end, it's only you and your partner. So I don't think it's burden to surprise your partner once in awhile. Surprise make your relationship a little bit more sparkle and it really helps cheer a person up. 

So what are the surprises that I really like or I envisage for?

Well, if i tell you now it wouldn't be a suprise anymore. I know I'm kinda diva and I have preferences in most of the things but if you have the heart to do it, I'm more than happy to receive the surprise. 

I still remember back in those days, I would receive a packet of something to eat from out of nowhere when I had a rough day. Really, I won't tell you what it was coz ...just keep that packet of something in the realm of surprise. 

Come of think of it, most of the surprises I had in my life were related to food. Really, everyday would be a surprise if I had the chance to not to think what to's like saying the phrase 'suprise me, will ya?'

Okay enough of the food. If non food related surprise, hmmp..I gotta say pop up in the airport's arrival hall without my prior knowledge and that will be a classic surprise :)

It's already late, let the song below be your lullaby. Good night.

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