Friday, August 12, 2016

Choice or Acceptance?

The person was my acquittance and he was married. I was like okay. I know it is pretty common for a gay man to get married with a woman but still stray off from the marriage and practises his gay life secretly. But when it comes to someone you know that practises this malpractice, somehow you will feel sad.

So I was playing the gay social app. Suddenly I saw a familiar face.

Don't you feel sad for his wife whom I believe she has no idea that her husband has another life outside. Worse still, what if they have children?

The man can claim that he is a bisexual. But much too often, the man has misuse the term "bisexual". Gay men could be hypocrite sometimes. They just want people to perceive them to be slightly normal than the pure gay men since they have sexual orientation towards women in which it is a human nature. Come on, if you are gay just admit it. Being bisexual is far more abnormal for me since they could insert whichever hole they could find. YEW!

Let me ask you this, when you realize yourself that you are gay, will you still be lying yourself that you are not gay and I will choose to be straight?

For me, being gay is not a choice, it's a gift, a nature. Here and then I asked my gay friends why they became gay - almost all of them said "I was with this special sexual orientation". They just accept it and being who they really are and they are leading a happy life (gay=happy after all).

What about those people who were born to be gay but force to be straight and get married. It is totally unfair for the wife. Seriously, the wife commits her entire lifestyle for this marriage and family but the man could be so cruel to lie to her? This is hurtful. I also doubt they would have any spectacular sexual life. You see, for gay men, boobs and pussy are two gruesome things ever exist on earth.

I really hate those gay folks who became straight and join the chorus with other homophobics to dscredit homosexual is not right and it is normal in the name of religion and it is against social norm. Who are they to be our moral police? What are social norms anyway? Prostitution, corruption, killings, extra marital affairs - aren't these happening like every day? Aren't these social norm too?

It's getting late now. I bid you good night.

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