Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Do You Remember Mid Autumn Festival?

I still could recall that when i was small i would be the happiest kid on earth for tonight. Mid Autumn/Mooncake Festival was the only time of the year that i could play with fire, candles and lanterns. I still could recall that I had a bee figure lantern and of course those traditional paper lanterns. I would lit up the entire porch with candles for several nights approaching Mid Autumn Festival.

But as we grew up, the significant and the joy of Mid Autumn Festival was slowly fading away. I think most of us just have a  special and simpledinner and have mooncake just to mark the occasion. That's it. It's not fun anymore.

It sucks to be adult right?  Things are so complicated and so difficult when you're gradually aging. There is no more simplicity anymore and we tend to see things in a spectacle which has deviated our sight to see  things in a more complicated manner. Simplicity doesn't exist anymore when we grow.

How ironic right, when we were kids, we couldn't wait to be adults and do the things the adults do. But adulthood is not fun as what we envisaged. It is filled with stress, worries and uncertainties.

 Back to our childhood, we were carefree, happy and we dreamed big. Even a paperplane could fly you around the world. Even a toy gun could kill all the bad guys. And you could even build a imaginative living city with Lego blocks. Our dreams and imaginations were limitless.

But back to adulthood, we do not dare to dream big because we know our limits and we are so afraid to lose. And the world is not that innocent anymore, it's real and it's live or die.

Since tonight is Mid Autumn Festival, i should take a step back from this real world. Let me end my entry tonight with my late grandfather's favourite poem, my mom's favourite song and of course, my everlasting legend singing this beautiful song with her beautiful voice to serenade the beautiful moon-lit night:

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