Thursday, September 4, 2014

Everyday It's a Winding Road

So last long weekend was a rather heartwarming  weekend actually. Heartwarming because my brother brought his girlfriend back to Ipoh - not only meeting my parents but my grandparents as well. At least this time looks promising and hopefully there will be a joyful culmination in the end. My grandparents are very old, time is always a challenge for both them to see their eldest grandson to walk down the aisle. 

Walking down the aisle, it is just a few steps of walk but it takes a great courage and lifetime to make that few steps. Maybe i'm too naive but i always have this perception that the man has to be very successful as in financial stable and has a advanced career to marry a girl. A man shouldn't let his wife to endure frugal kinda life. 

So it literally hits me when my friends are married and some of them even have kids. Look at me, i don't have an admirable career (unlike my ex-classmates who are now doctors, dentists and i even stuck in this job) and I'm not that happy-go-lucky I used to be anymore.Well, i tried to clap my hands like a room without a roof but it always led me back to this long and winding road. 

Ain't know why my childhood brings so many happy memories. The ice cream truck, playing firecrackers, playing swing-swing at playground, Christmas, cycled around my neighbourhood, petting the cats, watching Cartoon Network,playing Nintendo with my brother, even strolling at the park could make me so happy back then. Simple things could bring so many fond memories. Does growing up mean giving up everything that makes you happy? 

I'm a grown up man now but only few happy memories I could recall like meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time, setting up Christmas tree in my room, romantic getaways....i better stop here or else i'll be interrogated by someone.

But really, sometimes i wish i could give up everything and leave the world behind. Maybe when it hits 100 then it will be it....


  1. Why you got partner pun still wanna talk about giving up and leaving the world. Isn't your other half making you happy enough isittttt....

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