Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's 57

Here comes 31st August. Some of us will value this day so much coz we can sleep a little longer.

I admit that I'm some of them but I won't forget the true meaning of this day.

Every national day, all my learnings on history during my high school time just keep in flashing in my mind. From the proud Malacca sultanate to Portuguese ooccupation, from the atrocities of Japanese forces to the insurgence of communism. And the final chapter, the independence of Malaya and followed by the valuable efforts to build this country.

Nevertheless, a history book is not a defining tool to learn about Malaysia. You have to be a Malaysian to know about Malaysia. Its values, its cultures and its heritage are too vast for one to adopt.

Indeed, one of our admirable traits is that we cherish our Multi-racial cultures very much. And we respect our differences. These differences bond us even stronger. 

I know times is rather tougher this year but together we will make it through.

Happy 57th Merdeka.

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