Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stuck In a Moment

It is a heavy period, i would say. My aunt passed away late last month, one of my favourite actors hung himself last week and today, i learnt that acquaintance of mine had passed away. How much more do i need to bear?

You see, every juncture of our lives, we will stop once in awhile and ponder the purpose of life. Such a cliche question but i believe most of the people are still struggling to find the answer. There's no definite answer for that, it really depends on how you view your life.

Life could be a beautiful thing and a bed of roses. You know, having heartwarming family, having those pampering times with your children or even watching your partner grows old. Or you can be more realistic by having all the materials in the world.

However, above is just the bright side of our lives.Roses come with thorns too. You are very lucky to live in happy and contended life whereas others are still wandering around on the sidewalk living in the dark and walking aimlessly.

I was wondering where all those sad, depressed and lonely people come from? Were they fated to lead such a undeserving life? Or the society lead him into such way? Or they are too weak and faithless to face failures and resentments?

Sometimes I really wish i could be a cat - so everytime i fall, i could always land on my feet. Sometimes I also really wish that i could be Willy Wonka and owns a Chocolate Factory. I know i daydream a lot but fantasy and dream can make you go far while reality is just one sick brief moment that just to pass-by.

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