Sunday, August 17, 2014

Light up, Light up

My dreams lately have been kind to me. No more nightmares but sweetdreams lullaby me recently. I know it may sound silly but i dreamed that i was travelling in London, Berlin (God knows why), New York and Paris. The dreams were so surreal that I could feel the excitement. But alas, I don't know which part of my lifetime i would have the chance to have an escapade in those mentioned places.

It sucks to wake up and face the reality. Reality can be beautiful sometimes but most of the time, it shows its ugly true colours. My reality is not something that i would proud of or be happy about it. It seems that all the stars that illuminated my darkest nights had faded away.

I don't even know how to light up. I have lost the sparkles in my life. I have lost the glow in my life. My life is rather soulless for me recently. It's like no purpose to drive my life. I'm just letting my life passes me by.

They say being gay supposed to be colourful but this is not the case for me. I don't have sizzling body to wear those tits-showing singlets. Though i'm proud to be gay but there were times i felt so ashamed about it because they are bunch of shrimps with nice body but without any brain. And even with nice body, they would become whores to showcase their bodies in Facebook as if they're inviting sluts out there to put their money into the former's underpants. Aren't beauty things don't seek attention?


  1. hmm..are you ok dude? please don't kill yourself, life has so much more to offer you.
    be strong and be as unique as you are.